Prasar-Bharati Placement-Paper on 14 March 2013

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    1. Sriharikkotta is famous for

    2. ISRO Launhes its satellites from
    a) East Coast, b) West caost c) Hassan in Karnataka

    3. Vijayalakshmi Pandit was.

    4. The first woman president of INC

    5. The venue of 1998 SAAF games

    6. My eperiments with truth was written by

    7. The discovery of India-author

    8. The first recipient of oscar award from India

    9. Who invented TV
    So on

    The Technical part was quite tough for Electrical Students as must of the questions were from Electronics side which we didnt study at all.

    Here are some.
    1. In TV transmission sound and viseo is transmitted in..
    a) FM and AM b) FM,FM. c) AM,AM. d) AM,FM

    2.Tv transmission uses.
    Ans: Vestigial

    3. Questions related to SSB,DSB

    4. Antenna length questions,problems.

    5. Some 8085 microprocessor questions.

    6. Questions related to TTL, ECL. DTL

    7. Some FET, Mosfet problems theory questions

    8. Questiond related to SCR turn off.

    9. LED capacity.

    10. Power consumption of Lamps problems.

    11. Energy consumption of 5 tubes @ 30p per unit working for 5 days a week. Problem.

    1) My experiment with truth written by

    2) First woman president of INC

    3) First olympic was held in

    4) Sriharikota is famous for

    5) Discoverey of TV

    6) ISRO launch satellite in

    7) GDR means

    8) UJT is a unipolar device

    9) RS flip flop is a

    10) Which one of the following is not a fundamental right

    11) Birth place of Mother Teresa

    12) Last SAF game held in India 1995

    13) Termocouple is used for

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