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    We are working with various education providers in Singapore to help students who are planning to come over for further education in Singapore. Most of our degree - MBA courses are from awarded UK Universities. We do have various courses from in the following areas:

    Banking & Finance
    Interative Media

    Singapore is also a safe and good environment for students who are keen to come over to study and we try to provide the best services and support to our students. The education providers will also working closely with us to give students their best support.

    We do provide some services which will assist the students, especially for those who are in Singapore for the first time. These are some of the services we do provide:

    Application of student pass
    Arrangement for accommodation
    Arrangement for medical checkup
    Air-port pickup if required
    Orientation (Guiding the students of nearby facilities)
    and others...

    We are looking forward to see students enjoy their journey here and with a good learning experience. The education providers and us also value the good relationship with students.

    If you are interested / have more enquiries, please feel free to drop me an email at


    As we will be taking new courses, if you would like us to update you when we have taken the new courses, please kindly send us an email with the following:

    Courses of interest (for our reference)

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    SE Education Svc
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    I have heard a lot about the education in Singapore. I am planning for my masters in Singapore. I would love to have the website link of the college that you offer admission to so that I could get a overview of the institute. Thanks in advance.

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