National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur MSc MTech Admissions 2013

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    National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur

    M.Sc M.Tech Admissions 2013

    M. Tech.

    GATE-qualified candidates:

    Admission for GATE-qualified candidates is made through centralized e-counselling, CCMT.
    Visit CCMT Online Counseling - Home for details.

    Part-time, sponsored and self-sponsored candidates:
    Admission is made through admission test and viva voce conducted by different departments in NIT Durgapur. The Admission notice is published in April-May on the Institute website NIT-DURGAPUR :: Home and national newspaper(s). The application form may be downloaded from the website. Both GATE and non-GATE candidates shall be considered for self-sponsed categorory.

    Admission procedure:
    The selection is based on 30% weightage on Percentage of Marks / CGPA obtained in the last qualifying examination, 30% weightage on written Admission Test, and 40% weightage on viva-voce in respective departments at NIT Durgapur. A screening may be made after the written test and the list of candidates to appear for viva voce will be published by the respective departments.

    Sponsored candidates must have a minimum of two years full-time work experience in a registered Firm/ Company /Industry /Educational or Research Institutions/ any Government Autonomous Organizations in the relevant field in which admission is being sought.
    A letter from the employer must be furnished along with the application stating that the candidate is being sponsored to get admission. The Employer should also indicate that the candidate will not be withdrawn midway till the completion of the programme and will not claim for a job through Campus interview at NIT Durgapur.
    A No-Objection Certificate from the Employer is essential for admission to M. Tech. programme for a part-time candidate and their working place must be within 30 km from NIT, Durgapur.

    M. Sc.
    The selection for M. Sc. programme in Physics/ Chemistry/Mathematics with Computer Applications is based on 50% weightage on written test, 30% weightage on the Honours/ concerned subject marks and 20% weightage on viva-voce. Admission of a student to the M. Sc. programme shall automatically stand cancelled if he/she fails to attend minimum 75% of classes during the first three weeks from the date of his/her admission.

    Tuition Fee is Rs 17,500 per semester for both M. Tech. and M. Sc. programmes. In addition, the Institute fee of Rs 4,100 is payable at the time of admission and Rs 3,100 in each semester, while the same fees for the sponsored and part-time M. Tech. students are Rs 2,600 and and Rs 3,100 respectively. All students, except the part-time students, will pay an amount of Rs 717 towards Contingency Insurance Policy once every year starting from the time of admission.

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