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    Accountablility & Responsibility

    A weak governance and lack of accountability and responsibility are stated as reasons for rampant corruption in our country. Why is accountability and responsibility so low in India? Is it the poor implementation of accountability mechanisms, or does our socio-economic environment play a role in weakening accountability? Is it an outcome of the inertial attitude of the public officials; or is it a product of the lack of participation by citizens in the process of demanding accountability?

    We cannot afford to neglect any more the creeping danger of weak accountability, so critical to the economic, social and political development of India.

    Tell us what YOU think are some of the ways of improving accountability and responsibility?

    Please read the rules and regulations for participation.

    Win a trip to University of Dayton, USA and many more attractive prizes!!!

    Important Dates December 12, 2012 : Registration and submission of executive summary and essay

    January 16, 2013 : Notification to shortlisted candidates

    March 12, 2013 : Mindful Leadership finals at LIBA

    For more informations please visit : LIBA - Loyola Institute Of Business Administration

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