Microprocessor Circuit Design Engineer (Job Code: CDE)

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    microprocessors. From inventing the first x-86 64-bit architecture to creating dual-core processors. AMD has always been one of the fast track, so could you. Join AMD. We’re looking for qualified, highly motivated people to join our development team in Bangalore.

    Microprocessor Circuit Design Engineer (Job Code: CDE)

    - Responsible for designing of full custom circuits of a high performance microprocessor.
    - Designing one or more full custom blocks ( SRAMS , ROM , register files , arithmetic units , data path ) including micro-architectural definition, circuit specification, schematic entry, layout design, physical , functional, timing, power verifications, noise analysis, design checks, design reviews and documentation.
    - Responsibilities can also include global design issues ( power/ground, skew analysis, electro-migration, etc.) and silicon debug with product engineering.

    Desired Profile

    - Experience in full custom circuit design like data path, flip-flops, dynamic circuits, SRAMs, register files, etc. in advanced process technologies like SOI and bulk.
    - Exposure to one or more design cycles from architectural specification through production.
    - Proficient in Logic Design and should have hands-on experience in Layout Design.
    - Knowledge of Unix and programming skills are highly desirable.
    - Understanding of Computer Architecture is a plus.

    Micro-Architecture Verification Engineer (Job Code : MVE)

    Job Description

    - Performing logic and functional verification at both the block and chip levels.
    - Identifying functional anomalies and debugging to root cause.
    - Developing verification strategies, incorporating automated checkers, directed tests and stress tests. Developing, integrating and using tools and techniques for block and chip level functional verification and debugging. Contributing to the development of a comprehensive verification environment through the integration of several tools/flows.

    Desired Profile

    - VLSI functional verification experience, preferably with exposure to complex, high speed custom VLSI products.
    - Sound understanding of logic/functional verification fundamentals encompassing functional test strategies, directed and stress test generation, verification infrastructures and verification / debug glows.
    - Proficient in programming/scripting (C++, Perl, etc)
    - Knowledge of PC systems, Processor, architectures, buses and memory sub-systems in general and AMD x86 architecture in particular is highly desirable.

    AMD also has openings in:

    - Macro Modeling and verification - Logic Design.
    - Performance Modeling - System Software.

    Desired Qualification : Candidates with B.Tech./M.Tech/Ph.Ds in EE/ECE/CS .

    Candidates with less than 2 years of relevant experience may apply to youngcareers.india@amd.com

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