Mechanical Engineering (Basics)

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    “Diversity” is the key word when it comes to Mechanical Engineering. There are many fields in which Mechanical engineering plays a role: automated manufacturing, environmental control, transportation, biomedical fields, computer fields, fossil fuel and nuclear power…the list goes on and on. Mechanical Engineers are concerned with imagining and implementing programs and devices that improve our world and our movement in it. A Mechanical Engineering major’s designing endeavors are diverse, from tiny measuring instruments to huge aircraft carriers or power plants. They also are involved with testing, evaluating, distributing, and marketing the devices they and their colleagues create.

    If the all of these challenges appeal to you, Mechanical Engineering might be a major to consider. As with other engineering programs, your course of study may include one or more semesters of a co-operative education program, in which you will be employed full-time with an appropriate company. A co-operative is a great way to put your knowledge to use, and often times your co-op job leads to post-graduation employment.
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    Could anyone teach mechanical Engineering basics?

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