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    The ..

    The next in line comes the Ecole Superieure De Comerce also known as the ESC. This ESC are grandes ecoles means high schools - private and expensive. (but not expensive as HEC and INSEAD)..

    If you are looking to do MBA in France... naturally HEC, INSEAD or ESC-EAP are good..but getting into them is as good as getting into IIM's in INDIA... And also the fees are like anything.. (I heard that in INSEAD its around 40,000 €)..

    By the way I am in one of the ESC's in Rennes.. known as ESC Rennes.

    Next to get into INSEAD and sure shot need quite a good experience in good positions too. Same in ESC-EAP.. Some of the guys who asked me about ESC-EAP...well, its a good school.

    As for my school is concerned (don't panic, in france these are called business schools rather than colleges)... the teaching factulty was top class.. meaning guys who have numerous years of experience, have their own firms, been consulted by top companies like ford, france telecom, some of them have written their own books like Adrian Palmer in Service marketing.. In short, the faculty is A+ in my school.. I dont know about other ESC's in France.

    The first and the foremost important thing that we look into is placement. Unfortunately..this is one of the worst problem in france..(except the HEC, INSEAD and ESC-EAP). Here, unlike India, there is not campus placement so you are on ur own to find jobs.

    The good thing about MBA here is that naturally you get international exposure. + they have this system of going for internship (atleast in my school) after completing MBA. This could range from minimum 4 months to 12 months and this is compulsory in order to get the degree. But again, unless you are fluent in french, this would be tough to find and you might have to go back to India to find it. you generally get around 1000 € during internships per month.

    Therefore generally the studies is around 10 months and then period of internship in which you also have to complete your thesis. Also the deadlines are very much the deadlines here for any project or submission unlike India where you can get some leeway.

    As far as the fees are concerned..MBA here cost generally around 15 000 €. Just course fees. Than you have you food and accomodation expenses.. count it around 300 € (average) per month.

    If you think that you will be able to find temporary work.. well good luck. I was not able to find it. (matter of fact, i was not ready to work in restaurant washing dishes). French language is a big hurdle.

    As far as scholarship is concerned, i am not very sure. Atleast there is not scholarship from the schools as they are private; (one thing, as this schools are private, they are expensive and therefore the other students who study here (nationals) are wealthy enuf. so you can find some good girls who care to take care of their beauty.. )

    but i heard from my friend that you can apply for scholarship in French ambassy in India. You might be able to get full scholarship of your course fees as well as around 700 € monthly expenses.

    I hope this information helps. If you want more information..dont hesitate to respond. I hope i covered every query in question..if not will reply again.

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    Hi. I thought the MBA in rennes didnt require the internship to get the degree? Were you in the full time program or part time?

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