MBA Admissions: Aiming for a Top Business School?

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    MBA Admissions: Aiming for a Top Business School?

    More than 500 students from India applied to Wharton last year. Very few actually got admission.

    The number of students from India applying to top 5 business schools is increasing every year.

    Most of them have a 700+ GMAT and good work experience and more importantly, they have been the best at whatever they have done in life.

    Those that get in, have something exceptional to show in their backgrounds. Some thing off the track, something that they did which was not normal in the circumstances that they were in.

    No, we are not trying to discourage you, what we are asking you to do is to make a realistic assessment and then decide. There is no point in spending money in application fee if your profile does not match the requirements of the school.

    Most of the students who come to us for counselling want to go to the top schools. It is really difficult to convince them that despite their high scores, they may not get admission in the top-5 schools.

    We know of a student who had a perfect score in GMAT (800) and had 8 years of work experience in top finance organisations. He was rejected by Harvard, Columbia, GSB Chicago and Columbia because he had already done an MBA before from India.

    Students applying to top schools from India include top IAS officers, MBA students from IIMs, students from IITs armed with a few years of work experience and many such people.

    If the above did not put you off, may be you could get in. But if it did make you uncomfortable, you could look at other schools in the US - they may not be ranked in the Top - 10 or 20, but they do offer good career prospects and job opportunities after course completion.

    Remember, US is the land of opportunities, and is known to have a system that can churn out the talented from every where. So, even if you do not apply to the very best schools, you can still make it big by doing well in your course and out performing others at work.

    It is important to apply to schools that match your profile rather than get swayed by the rankings.

    If you would like to discuss your personal profile and case with other MBA aspirants, you can use the MBA section of the Infozee discussion forums. Your post would be seen not just by counsellors and existing students, but also by many MBA aspirants just like you:

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