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    The new age torchbearer of quality and innovative education in the IT capital of India. In collaboration with top universities from world over with fresh educational trends in the country.

    Courses offered under Bachelor's programs are in Software Engineering, IT-Information Technology, International Business Management, Business Management, Accounting & Finance, Computer Games Development, Information Technology Network Computing, Web Media Technology, Marketing Management & Human Resource Management.

    Courses offered under Master's programs are in Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Systems, Marketing Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Post Graduate Program in Retail Management (PGPRM)-rai, Professional Finance and Banking & LLM in International Business Law.

    Excellent State-Of -The-Art IT infrastructure to cater the needs of students. It's extensive library has a variety of books, journals, videos and electronic resources for course work and general interest. Hostel facility is also provided to students with food and transportation facility. All Campuses and Hostels are Wi-Fi enabled.

    Organization Request

    People Behind
    N. Jayasankaran
    Robert Donison
    Ajith Thacholi
    Tanuj Berry

    Courses segregated.

    Master Programs
    MBA - Finance
    MBA - Human Resource Management
    MBA - International Business
    MBA - Information Systems
    MBA - Marketing
    MBA - Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Dual Certification (PU-MBA and rai-PGPRM)

    Aberdeen Courses
    Master of Business Administration
    LLM in International Business Law
    Bachelor Programs
    B.Sc (Hons.) in Software Engineering
    B.Sc (Hons.) in Information Technology
    BA (Hons.) in International Business Management
    BA (Hons.) in Business Management
    BA (Hons.) in Accounting & Finance
    Bsc (Hons.) in Computer Games Development
    Bsc (Hons.) in IT Network Computing
    Bsc (Hons.) in Web Media Technology
    BA (Hons.) in Marketing Management
    BA(Hons.) in Human Resource Management

    SHRI (HRM Programs)
    PGD - Global Business Administration - HR
    PGD - Human Resources Management
    PGD - Training & Development
    PGD - Talent Management

    Twinning Programs
    MBA - Marketing
    MBA - Finance
    MBA - International Business
    MBA - Human Resource Management
    MBA - General
    M.Com Finance
    M.A Tamil
    M.A Hindi
    M.A English
    M.A Sociology

    ECU International MBA
    MBA - Finance
    MBA - Human Resource Management
    MBA - Hospitality and Tourism Management
    MBA - International Business
    MBA - Marketing

    Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM)
    Tourism & Hospitality Management

    London School of Business & Finance (LSBF)

    London School of Business & Finance(LSBF)
    Edith Cowan University
    Bharathidasan Institute of Management
    Pondicherry University
    University Of Aberdeen
    Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation
    Retailers Association of India
    Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)
    Nanyang Institute of Management

    Learning Process

    * Holistic and integrative approach to learning is what BMA believes in. The focus is on harmonious blend of theoretical inputs and practical exposure. Team work is fostered through group oriented activities and discussions. There is a careful balance between group and individual work.
    * Resident Lecturers and Professors are led by high caliber senior course leaders. They continuously receive training by visiting academic staff and senior practitioners who enhance their knowledge. Our staff members include professors, researchers, industry experts, mentors and industry practitioners known for their passion for teaching and their zeal to help students achieve their ultimate goals.
    * Seminars form an essential part of any learning process. They are methods of improving communication skills and build knowledge about a particular topic through presentations.
    * Mentoring is provided to help students individually or in group and clear the doubts about the topic.
    * Practical Work helps to gain hands on training/knowledge of the selected topic, thus helping to develop skills for future careers. Practical work can be done individually or in groups.
    * Work Place Training is also known as "internship" that helps gain global exposure of the market and helps to get prepared for employment.
    * Written Work comprises writing essays, projects, dissertations, assignments, which are assessed and graded.
    * Assessments are based on the essays, projects, dissertations, workshops, portfolios, presentations, performances in practical sessions or exams which can be either open-book or closed-book tests depending on the course.
    * Independent study As you progress in your education the standards become higher and as a management aspirant you are expected to do Independent study and pursue your own style in execution of ideas and writing. The faculty and staff members will tutor you to do self study and perform as per the standards of an international degree.

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    Good and helpful info shared.
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    I just read the post and found it to be a really very good one with some very good information with a lot of courses. I would love to have the link of the college that offer these admissions so that I could have a glimpse of the college.

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