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    L&T has four-step selection procedure. First you have to fill up a form (in our institute this form has been filled up in the end of 6th semester, before you went for our vacation), then they will shortlist candidates (like top 30% in the branch) from their head office in Mumbai and will send the list to your institution. But if your name is not in the list, don’t get dejected. They’ll allow you for the written test if you’ll put up a genuine cause.

    The second step is the written test. The written test will comprise of three sections: -
    1. A Technical Section (40 questions, 30 min): This section comprises of the fundamental knowledge of your branch. The questions were not so tough. You may crack a healthy number of them if you just go through the fundamentals of your 5th and 6th semester subjects. The question of the Mechanical Branch is given below.
    2. An MCC (Mechanical Common Capture) Test (60 questions, 40 min): This is common for all branches (don’t mislead yourself by seeing the word “mechanical”). There are figures of gear system, rope and pulley drive, hydraulic system and one question was asked for each figure. Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to study gear system or pulley drive. Just you should have basic ideas clear, and basic idea means the idea of Physics in your 10+2 level. For the WBCHSE (West Bengal Board) students, just go well through the Mechanics and Hydraulics (first two unit) portion of your 12th Physic-first paper book. That will do more than enough. But you should have a thorough knowledge of those portions of Physics. And again I’m saying that don’t be afraid of the term “mechanical”. For your kind information, in this section, in our college, the Electronics guys have done better than the Mechanical students.
    3. An Aptitude Section (36 questions, 40 min): All the 36 questions were based on figures. There were 8 figures for each question and you have to find out the 9th figure. 8 figures were given as choices for each question. The first 20 questions were easy enough and hardly took 15 min for me. Next 7 questions were a little bit tough and the last 9 were mind-boggling.

    Remember, each section has sectional cut-off. So put your best. And if you will not be able to do good in any section (though I think it’ll not be the case with a student like you!!) just don’t be panicked. I myself did not do well in Technical section, but still I was shortlisted. And the test score is cumulative, means your position will be declared after adding up all your scores of every section.

    The third step is GD. They will form a group of 8-12 people and GD will be conducted.

    The fourth step is Personal Interview (PI). In PI, they mainly asked from Technical, and they were asking from all the subjects, not only from your area of interest. So prepare hard for the PI.

    Remember, the score will be cumulative. Once you are shortlisted for GD, you will also face the PI. They have given weightage for al three- written test, GD and PI. So the selection will be based on every step. So if your GD or PI did not go well, don’t bother much. You can make that up. But remember to do well in GD because that has the highest weightage. The final score will be based on the total weighted score of every section.

    The Technical section of Mechanical Branch:-

    1. What is the microstructure of annealed Mild Steel?
    2. Which metals make the alloy Brass?
    3. The centrifugal pump is started with what condition of outlet valve?
    4. 1 ton of refrigeration effect equals to what?
    5. Which metal has the highest heat conductivity?

    All the questions were of this type and very simple. If a person like me (who himself believes that he has technical knowledge in negatives!!!) can clear this written test, so can you.

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