Is there any HR Award for the Manufacturing sector? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Mechanical Students' started by Guest, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Hello everyone!

    I am doing my MBA with specialization in HR. I have to submit my dissertation soon, for which i need help from all you guys :)

    My Topic is - 'Do HR Awards benefit an Organization'? My focus area is especially the Manufacturing sector. Since thousands of employee, with diverse backgrounds, are involved with every manufacturing company, I believe HR faces a lot of challenge here.

    In such a scenario, I would like to know if HR Awards really help? Please let me know of all Indian HR Awards, and if there is anything specifically related to the manufacturing sector. Please share you experiences with me ... it'll be a great help!
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    HR Awards

    Yes Soham. HR awards are a good way to motivate HR professionals to perform better. Like you correctly pointed out, HRs daily come up with new ways to motivate employees. It is always good if they get some recognition for it. But sadly, I don't think there are many HR awards in India. You can look at some international awards though.

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