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    Getting into business school is sometimes said to be harder than actually getting one's MBA. There's the GMAT obviously (you wouldn't be here if you didn't know that already) and about half a dozen other points of reference that the admissions committees use to evaluate your candidacy.

    Consulting Firms: An entire industry has generated out of the desire to get into competitive schools and the need for help with the multiple application elements. While Manhattan GMAT does not offer such consulting services, there are many reputable firms that you should investigate. More

    The MBA Interview: Learn how to maximize the interview process and increase your chances at acceptance.

    Planning for Your Application: The steps to take if you thinking of applying to business school in the next few months to a year.

    International MBA Candidates: Admission Strategies and Tactics for International MBA Applicants.

    TOEFL 2.0: Internet-Based Testing Matters for International MBA Applicants.

    American MBAs vs. European MBAs: Which program is right for you?

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