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  1. fresher

    Curriculum Vitae

    Mohd. Ahsan Khan
    H.No: 3. Rajat Nagar
    Piplani, BHEL - Bhopal-21
    Ph. No. 0755-2755241,9425674338
    E-mail ID:


    Course Year Institution Faculty Percentage
    B.E 2006 KBN College of Engineering (Visvesvaraiah Technological University) Electronics and Instrumentation 72%
    Intermediate 2002 H.E Vikram Higher Secondary School MPC 70%(FC)
    SSC 2000 Kendraya Vidhyala Sarni General 63%(FC)


    Languages: C, C++

    High Level Programming: Microprocessor, PLC (for various control operations)

    Subject Knowledge: Instrumentation Transducer and Computer Based Process Control

    Other skills: MS-Office


    ü Lift Automation And Control Using PLC.


    ü Delivered seminars on Programmable logic controller, Artificial Neural Network (National Level) and Robotic surgery (IST, State Level)
    ü Participated in a National seminar by CFTRI on Biosensors.


    ü Sports: Cricket, Table Tennis, etc. I’ve been an active member of College cricket team during Engineering.
    ü Participated and won various Elocution, Essay writing and Debate competitions at different levels.


    Father’s Name : Mohd. Ahmed Khan.

    Date of Birth : 25th July 1984.

    Languages known : English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.
  2. samadhan

    samadhan Guest

    Rispected Sir,
    According to the requirement specified in the site,I am attaching my resume with this mail.If you are interested in my profile,kindly inform me on mob:9890506191.
    Thanking you,
    yours sincerely,
    Samadhan Khelukar

    Adress: Behind Sidharth Hotel, Nasardi Bridge Pune Road Phone: +91-0253-6533170 Mobile: 09890506191


    To pursue a challenging career in an organization, which provides an environment for continuous learning and utilizes the same for achieving organizational objectives. Accepts different challenges in web technology.


    1>Bachelor of Enggineering (B.E) in Computer Engineering
    Amrutvahinee College of Engg , sangamner
    From Pune University Maharashtra
    Year of completion: 2006 (Appear)Percentage: 62 (1st sem)

    2>Diploma In Computer Technology
    K.K.Wagh College Of Engg.
    From BTE(Bord Tech. Education)Mumbai
    Year Of Passing : 2003 Percentage: 68

    Technical Skills

    Languages Known: PHP, MY SQL,C,Visual Basic,HTML,SQL,COBOL,
    Database Systems: Oracle, MS Access
    Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows XP/98
    Packages: MS-Office

    Computer Concepts

    · Database and operating system concepts
    · Software Engineering And object oriented Modelling
    · Language Processors, Automation Theory
    · Microprocessors

    Academic Project

    1>This Project are dveloped in BE
    Title: Augmented Reality System (ARS) s/w

    Sponsored : CAS Nasik(Cognifront Automation System)


    The Project aims to help ckt builder ,diagnose the ckt , get the detail info. Abut specific component of ckt.

    Technology Used:
    Front End: .Net
    Back End: MS Access

    This project are provide all the detail information about the electronic ckt. User just place their any electronic ckt in box then this s/w prvide the detail info.about the each component when user move the curser on that ckt layout on screeen.
    These s/w is dynamically draw any electronic ckt ,and user can modify this at runtime ,this s/w are also provide sound effect.

    2>This Project are dveloped in Diploma
    Title: Civil Supplires(i.e.Invenory Control) s/w

    Sponsored : Asian Paint Dealer Nasik

    The Project aims to help the dealer for maintaing material ststus,stock mgmt, maintaining regular customer records , printing the bills. Give the info about their remaining stock

    Technology Used:
    Front End: .Visual Basic
    Back End: MS Access

    Explanation :
    This s/w are specially developed for paint dealerfor, maintaing material ststus,stock mgmt, maintaining regular customer records , printing the bills. Give the info about their remaining stock .
    This s/w also prvide color combination scheme , for identification of color & using that we can generate new color & finding percentage of each colori.e.Red,Green,Blue.

    Areas of Interest
    . Web designing/developing
    · Database System Concepts.
    · Operating System.

    Personal Assets

    · Dedication, Determination and Introspection.
    · Committed, Self learning and hard working.
    · Team participation with demonstrated leadership qualities.
    · Well-developed interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

    Reading spiritual books, Listening to music ,playing online games ,hockey



    Bitco Boys School
    CBS ,Nashik


    Month&Year Of Passing
    March 2000

    Diploma(Computer Engg)




    March 2002



    A.V.C.O.E. Sangamner


    March 2006

    Personal details
    Date of Birth: 3rd Sep 1983
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Father’s Name: Nivrutti Khelukar
    Linguistic ability: English, Hindi, Marathi
    ADDRESS : Behind Sidharth Hotel, Nasardi Bridge Poona road, Nashik.
    PHONE NO : (0253)-6533170
    MOBILE NO : 9890506191

    I here by declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge

    Personal details
    Date of Birth: 3rd Sep 1983
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Father’s Name: Nivrutti Khelukar
    Linguistic ability: English, Hindi, Marathi
    ADDRESS : Behind Sidharth Hotel, Nasardi Bridge Poona road, Nashik.
    PHONE NO : (0253)-6533170
    MOBILE NO : 9890506191

    I here by declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge
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    Guest Guest

  4. zahid iqbal

    zahid iqbal Guest


    Jahid Iqbal
    Jiit A-10 , SEC-62
    NOIDA – (UP)
    Cell: +91-9868065881

    Career Objective
    To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that seeks an ambitious and career conscious person where acquired skills and education will be utilized towards continuous growth and advancement.

    Personal Skills
    Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry self-starter with exceptional inter personal and collaborative skills to foster team’s performance and eagerness to meet challenges and quickly assimilate newest and latest technologies, skills, concepts, and ideas.

    Academic Details

    B.E. (Electronics and Communication) from N.I.I.S.T, Bhopal R.G.P.V. University M.P.
    · Marks %: 71.00 June 2006

    CBSE Examination XII Standard
    · Marks %: 71.40 Mar’2001

    CBSE Examination X Standard
    · Marks %: 76.0 Mar’1999

    Technical Skills

    Languages C, C++, VLSI design
    Packages & Tools MS-Office, WIN 9x, WIN Xp,

    Project Details

    Project I Details
    Project “Surveillance Robot"
    Description In this project we have taken the job to design and manufacture “Robocop”, a robotic trolley whose all movements are fully controlled through computer, as well as we have included a video transmitter for full survelliance,monitoring and tracking system.

    Project II Details
    Project “RF control Electrical Appliance”
    Description This project was prepared with a view to control the switching On/Off mechanisms of multiple electrical appliances at multiple frequency levels.

    Trainings Undertaken

    Venue N.T.P.C. Vindhyanagar (M.P.)
    Description Training was imparted on networking fundamentals including LAN & WAN setup, router, Panel Control, Instrumentation And Control Maintenance


    · Robotics Event in IIT Bombay named Techfest.
    · Robotics Event in SVNIT Surat
    · Robotics event in peak and place held at IIT Kanpur named techkriti

    Personal Details

    · Name : Jahid Iqbal
    · Father’s Name : Mohd. Habib
    · Mother’s name : Mrs. Hasibun Bee
    · Date of Birth : 10-April-1984
    · Sex : Male
    · Marital Status : Single
    · Nationality : Indian
    · Hobbies : Listening Music , Cooking , Watching movies
    · Languages Known : English, Hindi and Urdu
    · Permanent Address : DCH colony, sector – A , MQ – 1
    P.O – Jayant Distt- Sidhi (MP)
    · Mailing Address : JIIT A-10 sector-62 NOIDA (UP)
    · Phone : 07805 –224321

    I vouch the authenticity of above mentioned facts

    Place: Bhopal Jahid Iqbal
  5. Respected sir,

    I would like to make a career with a company full of oppurtunities to work in different dimensions. Visiting your companies site I found your company to have the most energetic environment to work. If you could give me a chance to serve for the company, I shall be able to enhance my skills.

    I have just Passed my BE from Mumbai University with a first class(68.26) 2006 passout.

    I have done my Final Year project from IIT BOMBAY.

    I have aslo attached my Resume for my futher details.




    To express creative energies and innovative ideas in software development and to develop my professional competence to the fullest. I intend to nurture a long-term relationship with a fast emerging and leading IT firm and a career with full of challenges in related field.

    Educational Qualification

    S.S.C Udyachal High School 77.83%

    Final Year Diploma in IT Dr. D.Y.Patil Polytechnic 60%

    Final year Engineering RAIT 68.26%

    Computer Knowledge

    Systems: WIN 9X/2K/XP, UNIX, and Linux.

    Programming: C, C++, Java, Perl.

    Database: MYSQL

    Web Technologies: HTML, Java Script

    S/W Tools: Eclipse, JBuilder, Rational Rose


    à BE final year project: Implementation of Information Retrieval System

    (IIT Bombay)

    Technology: Java Team Size: 3 Project Duration: 10 months

    The project was in java programming language in I.I.T. Bombay. Working as the group leader I had the responsibility of the successful completion of the project. The project was based on searching over the Question-Answer boards for the previously answered questions. The user enters his question and gets the answers of the previously answered questions if present and hence saving the users time and money. The XML documents that were to be searched were converted into text files using Perl. These files were indexed and searched which proved to be faster than the xml files.

    Role in the project:

    1) The requirement specification and Designing and Development of modules.

    2) Programming & maintaining the quality of the developing software on various parameters according to the organizational standards.

    àDiploma final year project: Video Parlour information system

    Technology: C++ Team Size: 3 Project Duration: 10 months

    The project involved implementing a library management system that could efficiently store all relevant information. We completed the project in a team of three and I was responsible for leading my team towards the desired goal. The underlying code was written using C++. The system architecture consisted of three basic modules: Stock Management to store the details of the items, Member management to store the detailed information of members and Issue management to store the issue and return details.

    àStudent Database Management-- V SEM Project in Java

    Technology: Java Team Size: 3 Project Duration: 10 months

    In the student database management system a successful implementation of student database was done using Java. The project did the job of insertion deletion and updation of the student records.

    àOnline book search website VI SEM Project

    Technology: HTML & JavaScript Team Size: 3 Duration: 10 months

    An e-commerce site building project using Html & JavaScript. This included searching and purchasing of books online.

    Personnel details

    Name: Rajeshwar Mishra

    Address: Shanti Niwas, Hanuman Road, Chaitanya Nagar, IIT Market, Powai, Mumbai- 400076


    Phone No: 022 - 25774572

    Mobile: 9833692523


    Coding, Managing various cultural shows, Trekking in Sayadris, Singing,, Traveling.

    Activities (Academics & Extra Curricular)

    Organizing various Physical, Cultural training camps. Active participation in Events of CSI, IEEE etc. Part of the ART of LIVING and Swami Vivekananda Kendra.


    I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

    Rajeshwar Mishra

    MOBILE NO.:+919422421546
    E-mail :

    To seek opportunity that will lead to my personal development and give me the chance to prove myself in adding value to the prosperity of the company. Intend to build a career with co-operate of hi-tech environment with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment.

    Academic profile:

    Degree: B.E.(Computer Science and Engineering)
    College: D.K.T.E.’s Textile & Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji

    Year Marks (%)

    B.E. 75%
    T.E 68%
    S.E. 59%
    F.E. 62%
    H.S.C. 62%
    S.S.C. 82%

    Area of Interest:

    Operating System,Programming

    Project Undertaken:

    Project Name :”Improving Application Security Using Sandboxing”
    Place : TEI, Ichalkaranji.
    Abstract: In today’s computing environment, many users run applications that are vulnerable to malicious attacks through the internet. Our project aims to add a layer of protection between an exploited program and the computer.
    A technique known as “sandboxing” is use d to restrict the actions of a program. We focused our efforts on implementing a sandboxing scheme for the Windows operating system.
    First a normal behavior of application is frameworked and then that profile is enforced at run time of application. A typical profile contains names of system calls that the program makes. Enforcing the profile consists of taking a given system call that a program has made and comparing it to a list of allowances in the profile.
    Programming Language: VC++
    Platform: Windows

    Mini Project :
    Topic: Inventory System
    Place: TEI, Ichalkaranji.
    Abstract: : Today’s world is facing a problem of maintaining the vast amount of data so we need to utilize the systems through some means or software so that data could be arranged in sequential manner to get the required knowledge appropriately. Determine the weekly demand and check if sufficient inventory is on hand to meet this demand. If not, the number of lost sales is the demand minus the current inventory. Subtract the current inventory level from the inventory position, set current inventory to zero, and compute the lost sales cost. If sufficient inventory is available, satisfy all demand from stock and reduce both the inventory level and inventory position by the amount of demand.
    The next step is to check if the inventory position is at or below the reorder point. If so, place an order for Q units and compute the order cost. The inventory position increases by Q, but the inventory level remains the same. Schedule a receipt of Q units to arrive after the lead-time. Finally, compute the holding cost based on the inventory level at the end of the week (after demand is satisfied) and the total cost.
    Programming Language: VB
    Platform: Windows

    Seminar Delivered:
    Topic: Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution
    EDGE (or Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) is a 3G technology that delivers broadband-like data speeds to mobile devices. It allows consumers to connect to the Internet and send and receive data, including digital images, web pages and photographs, three times faster than possible with an ordinary GSM/GPRS network. EDGE enables GSM operators to offer higher-speed mobile-data access, serve more mobile-data customers, and free up GSM network capacity to accommodate additional voice traffic

    Skill Set:
    • Programming Languages
    C, C++, java, VC++,VB,ASP Assembly Language
    Microprocessors (8085/86/386 )
    Certification Course in ASP DOT.NET from Sangli

    Academic Achievements:
    1 1st position in National Paper Presentation held at Walchand College of Engg. Sangli on topic Mobile Computing in EXPERT GROUP.
    2 1st in Technical Quiz Contest held at T.E.I, Ichalkaranji
    3 Secured 2nd position in National Level Paper Presentation held at M.I.T Aurangabad on topic Human Computer Interaction.
    4 Presented Paper on “Wireless Network Security” in Quest 2k6 at COEP ,Satara.
    5 Participated in “SPIDER INSTINCT” in VISION 2k6 held at Walchand college of Engg.
    6 Seminar on EDGE Technology at TEI, Ichalkaranji
    7 Presented paper on Data Mining &Warehousing in ‘ETA-2005 National Conference’.
    8 Presented paper on HCI in ‘Techno millennium 2005’
    9 Participated in various Software Contest at TEI, Ichalkaranji.
    10 Attended a workshop on Linux Security & Network Security at Kolhapur.
    11 Attended Seminars organized by various colleges.

    Extra –curricular Activities:
    1 Coordinator of Tech-Carnival (a National level P.P) at TEI, Ichalkaranji.
    2 Participated in number of G.D and Debate held at TEI,Ichalkaranji
    3 Actively Participation in the Socials and Sports related activities.
    4 Active Member of Social Activities at School level.

    Aspiration For Career
    1 Exposure to business excellence and evolving technologies
    2 Being at forefront of e-revolution
    3 Careers across business and technology areas
    4 World class training and to learn continuously
    5 An open-door, energetic environment with world class infrastructure

    Personal Details:
    Name : Rakesh Ranjan Prabhat
    Father’s Name : Shri. R.P.Poddar (Civil Engg.)

    Address : C/o Shri Sunil Kumar Poddar
    Reena Niwas, Saket Nagar, Hinoo
    Ranchi, Jharkhand-834002
    Date of Birth : 14 July, 1984.
    Gender : Male
    Nationality : Indian
    Marital Status : Unmarried
    Languages Known : English, Hindi, Marathi (Understand).
    Hobbies : Web Browsing, Visiting Tourist Places, Listening Music (Indian), working out yoga, Reading Magazine, Newspaper .

    I consider myself familiar with Information Technology Aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team as well as an individual.
    I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to best of my knowledge.

    Place: Ichalkaranji RAKESH RANJAN PRABHAT
  7. Aparna

    Aparna Guest



    Aparna K.V
    C/o Nagendra No.33
    8th main 10th A cross
    Agrahara Dasarahalli


    Seeking a challenging environment that encourages learning and creativity, provides exposure to new ideas and stimulates personal and professional growth.

    Technical Skills

    Programming Language: Basic Programming in C,C++
    Hardware Skills: VHDL, Microprocessors
    Basic exposure to VLSI Design & Embedded System.


    B.E in Electronics & Communication Engg: Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology. Tumkur, Karnataka.
    Passed in, June 2006.

    SSLC Govt.Junior College,GUBBI 2000 88.8%
    P.U.C Siddaganga college for Women 2002 84.8%
    B.E Visweshwaraiah Technological University,Belgaum 2006 74.38%

    Project Details:

    Title: Embedded System Based Energy Meter

    Aim: To reduce error in billing and to provide an option for master unit to control power supplied to the customer
    Duration: 50 Days

    Synopsis: In present power distribution scenario every customer is provided with an energy meter which keeps track of the power consumed continuously and at every month end a person from the master unit must visit the customer read the meter and issue the bill. This requires lot of man power. Here we propose a project in which customer is provided bill at every month end automatically through wireless communication & if bill is not paid even after grace days power gets cut automatically.

    Personal Information

    Name: Aparna K.V
    Father’s Name: K.V Venkatesh
    Date of Birth: 03 January 1985
    Languages Known: Kannada, Hindi, English,

    I here by declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge

    Place : Bangalore (Aparna K.V)
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    21-Panchayat Street,
    E-mail: Palavakkam,
    09994277650 Chennai – 602 028

    To contribute to the success of an organization by fully utilizing my skills and knowledge in the field of embedded system in an R&D that offers professional growth while being innovative and resourceful.


    Duration : May 2006 to till the date

    Organization : Accent Technologies pvt ltd, Besent nagar,
    Chennai -90


    1 year 3 months experience in the field of developing and testing products for Embedded Systems

    Excellent debugging, trouble-shooting and solving knowledge.

    Knowledge of using various Protocols [RS232,RS 485, SPI, TWI]

    Skill Set

    Embedded Technology :ATMEL Microcontrollers (8535,8515,Mega 8,Mega 16)

    Operating System : Windows 9x Series, 2000, XP, Dos, and Linux

    Languages : C , Assembly language

    Office Suit : Ms-Office

    Areas of Interest

    Micro controllers and Microprocessors

    Digital Electronics

    Project Highlights

    Project : Control System for Baby warmer for Derma India P Ltd
    Application : Monitoring and controlling the temperature
    Role : Programming and choosing the hardware
    Team size : 3

    This project uses AT MEGA 8 micro controller. The temperature of baby is continuously sensed using RTD. RTD is interfaced via ADC MCP 3202 through SPI protocol uses 12-bit resolution. Temperature is continuously monitored using a 2-line LCD also the temperature of baby should be maintained constant so, changing in the temperature will result in change in heat correspondingly using the UV bulb, which acts as a heater.

    In this project, each and every component is chosen on the basis that it should work even in high and low temperature ranges.

    Project : Countdown timer for Derma India P Ltd
    Application : Bio Medical
    Role : Programming and choosing the hardware components
    Team size : 3

    This project uses AT MEGA 8 micro controller, seven-segment display 4 digits, and clock display, small segment display, a buzzer and a relay circuit (which is used to connect the external appliances) and a 4-key keypad.

    The objective of the project is to switch on the external device connected to micro controller via relay circuit for a particular time. Also when the power is switched off then the time should be retained as soon as the power is supplied.

    Using the keypad, time is set on the seven-segment display. Pressing the start key will switch on the external device through the relay. Countdown timer start to run and will get displayed. As soon as the time reaches zero the external device, which was connected will get switched off. Or else in case of an interrupt in the power supply, then in that case, the final data was written to the EEPROM location and retrieved as soon as the power is given to the device.

    Project : Multi Parameter Monitoring Unit
    Application : Data Acquisition
    Role : Programming and hardware designing
    Team size : 3

    This project uses AT MEGA 8535 micro controller. Client gave the output from the six different Analog devices with 3 different analog reference voltages.

    By connecting resistors in port pins of the micro controller which forms a resistive network.

    Thus by changing the corresponding status of the port pins (which is connected to the resistors) will result in producing the different analog voltage. The different analog was given to Analog reference (AREF) pin of the Micro controller. And the resultant digital value (10 bit resolution) of each analog input is converted and displayed in a 2 line LCD and also sent to PC through RS 232 protocol

    Educational Qualification

    M.Sc., Applied Electronics (2004-2006)
    Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya CAS,
    Bharathiyar University,
    Aggregate Percentage: 73.8 (FIRST CLASS)

    B.Sc., Electronics (2001-2004)
    Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya CAS,
    Bharathiyar University,
    Aggregate Percentage: 62.9 (FIRST CLASS)

    Final year Project

    Project : Exhaust Gas Recirculation Actuator(done in pricol ltd)
    Application : Automobiles
    Role : Programming, Choosing and hardware components.
    Team size : 3

    The idea of the project is to recirculation of exhaust gas in automobiles. Since, the Nitrogen-di-oxide gas is toxicant recirculation is must. This project involves PIC 16F73 micro controller, Stepper motor driver, stepper motor and an IR slot.

    Here stepper motor is used to open or close the valve; L6208 is the Stepper driver, used to drive the stepper motor. IR slot is used to find the position of the stepper motor. The valve is connected to the shaft of the stepper motor.

    Personal Qualities

    Quick Learner, highly motivated and enthusiastic.

    Good problem solving skills and able to meet deadline under pressure.

    Enjoy working in Team Environment.

    Initiative, dedicated, well decisive and flexible to work in any environment with good interpersonal skills.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth : 14 JAN 1984

    Passport No : F9492551

    Languages Known : Tamil and English

    Hobbies : Surfing In Net, Playing Chess, Playing table tennis

    Reference : Available on request


    I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility of the above-mentioned particulars.

    PLACE: Chennai yours truly,

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: 1+ Year of Embedded Programmer

    Balaji P.
    #121,P.S.sivasamy salai,
    TamilNadu, India. Phone :9884972291

    To work in a professionally managed organization that provides access to enhance my existing knowledge and grow with the company.

    1 + Years of Embedded Programmer

    • Currently Working as Embedded Programmer in
    Accent e Technology, Chennai from May 2006 to till date.

    Education 2006 Vickram College of Engineering Anna University.
    B.E. (Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    First Class 72%
    2002 State Board.
    H. Sc
    First Class 87%

    2000 State Board.
    First Class 89%

    Projects Undertaken
    Project Title: Embedded Micro Controller Based AC power line parameters monitoring and controlling system.

    Duration: THREE Months.

    Company: Central Electro Chemical Research Institute(CECRI)-Karaikudi.

    Description: To Monitor the Voltage and Current continuously and if goes
    below or above the range to trip the supply immediately
    and regain the supply when voltage comes to normal level.
    Achievements Recipient of award from Nadar higher secondary school in the year 2000.

    Technical Skill Set
    C, C++, Assembly language.
    Handful experience in AVR Studio 3.53 Software.
    Handful experience in Atmel Series (ATmega8535, ATmega8, ATmega162, etc...) Micro controller.

    Software Exposure Operating System : Windows98/2000/XP.
    Languages : Assembly
    Micro Controllers : (ATmega8535, 8515,162, 8,16,32 & 162)
    Tools : AVR Studio 3.53.
    Protocol : RS232, Knowledge of SPI
    Packages : MS-Office 2000, Open Office 2.1

    Soft Skills Ambitious, self-motivated team player.
    Willingness to learn, adapt to changing needs and environment.
    Orderly and organized. Able to lead and convince others.

    Co-Curricular Activity  Active Participation in YRC.
     Academic Seminar.
     In plant Training in TNSTC in Madurai.
     In plant Training in Vaigai Chemicals Pvt ltd in Karaikal.
     Representative in Class.
    Personal Details
    Date of birth : 11th May 1984
    Sex : Male
    Marital status : Single
    Father’s Name : Packiarajan P
    Passport No : F9734622
    Languages Known : English, Tamil.
    Nationality : Indian
    Permanent Address : 239/1,Mahalakshmi kovil 4th lane,
    Solai Alagupuram 1st street,
    Tamil Nadu,

    Project Highlights:

    Project 1:
    The aim of this project is to develop a home automation system using GSM Technology. Here in this project we are going to design a system so that we will be able to control the things present in home like Micro Wave Owen, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Heater, Grinder etc., through your mobile. The system consists of micro controller (AT mega 8515), Relay, GSM modem unit.

    Platforms : Windows XP
    Languages : ALP
    Controllers used : AT mega 8515
    Tools : AVR Studio 3.53
    Communication protocol : RS232

    Project 2:
    “Neck movement based wheel chair”
    The aim of this project is to guide the paralyzed people to move from one place to another place. The system consists of micro controller (AT mega 8535), accelerometer unit, and DC motor unit.
    An accelerometer is placed on the neck, to measure the tilt during neck movement .The accelerometer output comprises of two variables, the X and Y coordinates of the neck movement which is fed to the microcontroller and the microcontroller drives the DC motor in the corresponding direction either left or right and forward or backward.

    Platforms : Windows XP
    Languages : ALP
    Controllers used : AT mega 8535
    Tools : AVR Studio 3.53
    Communication protocol : RS232

    DECLARATION: I hereby declare that all the above informations are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Date: 10/8/2007 BALAJI P
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    #27/14, CRP Garden,
    First Street, Kodambakkam,
    9944426805 Pin Code: 600 024. Phone: 044-24812372.

    Career Objective

    To associate with progressive organization that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills with my hard work, and to be involved as a part of team that dynamically works towards the growth of the organization.

    Educational Qualification

    Year Of Passing
    B.E (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
    M.I.E.T Engineering College,
    May 2007
    71.0 %

    H.S.C. R. Nadesanar Govt. Hr.Sec.School,Ayakkaranpulam.
    March 2003 State
    Board 83.0 %

    S.S.L.C. R. Nadesanar Govt. Hr.Sec.School,Ayakkaranpulam.
    March 2001 State
    Board 84.4 %

    Technical Skills

     Hardware
     C
     Embedded systems (Skilled in 8051)
     Currently doing course on “VLSI”

    Area of Interest

     Power System Engineering
     Digital System and Microcontrollers


    Attended in plant trainings at “Trichy Steel Rolling Mills (TSRM)” and “Kothari Sugars and Chemicals” Trichy.

    Academic Project

    Title : Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
    (SCADA) System for Optimized Substation.
    Purpose : Monitoring and Control of Substation
    Team Size : 3Members
    Company : Ennore Thermal Power Station (ETPS), Chennai.
    Synopsis : Our project consist of a board of electronics components inclusive microcontroller with a programmable logic. The microcontroller is interfaced with the Personal computer, to collect the substation parameters. The collected data was analyzed by the interactive software, developed using Visual Basic 6.0. This software can generate graphs, display the data in a meaningful way and it can perform certain controlling functions. This system can be implemented in substation at an affordable cost and would improve the reliability of the existing substations without major changes.

    Extra curricular activities

     Presented a paper on “Modern Drives” and got second place in the department level technical symposium held at my college.
     Participated in a one-day seminar on “Virtual Trends in Firmware Industries” conducted by “Brain In Chip Technologies” Coimbatore .

    Leadership skills

     Participated in National Cadet Corps as Cadet representing my school.
     At the position of Chair Person of EEE Department Association, conducted industrial visits and technical symposiums representing my college.

    Personal Information

    Father’s Name : S. Ganesan
    Age : 21
    DOB : 02.06.1986
    Gender : Male
    Marital Status : Single
    Nationality : Indian
    Social Status : BC
    Permanent Address : 155, Servakattalai,
    Pin-614 810.
    Phone : 04369-299833.
    Languages known : Tamil, English


    Prof. K.Selvaraj, M.E.,
    Head of the Department, Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
    M.I.E.T Engineering College, Trichy – 07.
    Mobile: 9345155597.
    Email :


    I solemnly declare that the information furnished above
    is true to the best of my knowledge.
    Place : Chennai
    Date : 11-08-07 [G.SIVA KUMAR]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Balaji P mob:+91-9884972291

    Experience Summary
    · Have 1.3 years of Professional Embedded Development experience in Analysis, Design, Development and testing product for Embedded Systems.
    · Profound knowledge in various micro-controllers and basic idea on embedded Linux.
    · Knowledge of using various Protocols [RS232].
    · Working on Assembly language and C language and have exposure.
    · Have excellent analytical, logical and programming skills.
    · Excellent debugging, trouble-shooting and solving knowledge.

    Experience Profile

    · Working as an Embedded Programmer in Accent e Technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai May 2006 till date.

    Educational Qualifications

    2002-2006 B.E. (Electrical And Electronics Engineering)

    Vickram College Of Engineering, Enathi, Madurai 72%
    2001-2002 H.S.C N.H.S.School, Madurai 87%
    1999-2000 S.S.L.C. N.H.S.School, Madurai 89%

    Technical Skills

    Embedded Technology : ATMEL Microcontrollers (8-bit)(M8535,
    M8,M8515,M162,M32,M16)Smart card,GSM.
    Programming Languages : C, Assembly language, Embedded C.
    Operating Systems : Windows 9x/2000/Xp, MS Dos.
    Simulator : AVR Studio 3.53, EMBEDDED LINUX
    Office Package : MSOffice, Ms Word, Open Office 2.1.

    Project Details:
    “HOME AUTOMATION USING MOBILE TECHNOLOGY” The aim of this project is to develop a home automation system using GSM Technology. Here in this project we are going to design a system so that we will be able to control the things present in home like Micro Wave Owen, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Heater, Grinder etc., through your mobile. The system consists of micro controller (AT mega 8515), Relay, GSM modem unit.
    Platforms : Windows XP
    Languages : ALP
    Controllers used : AT mega 8515
    Tools : AVR Studio 3.53
    protocol : RS232

    “Neck movement based wheel chair”
    The aim of this project is to guide the paralyzed people to move from one place to another place. The system consists of micro controller (AT mega 8535), accelerometer unit, and DC motor unit. An accelerometer is placed on the neck, to measure the tilt during neck movement .The accelerometer output comprises of two variables, the X and Y coordinates of the neck movement which is fed to the microcontroller and the microcontroller drives the DC motor in the corresponding direction either left or right and forward or backward.
    Platforms : Windows XP
    Languages : ALP
    Controllers used : AT mega 8535
    Tools : AVR Studio 3.53
    protocol : RS232

    Personal Skills
    Comprehensive problem solving abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn, team facilitator and a hard worker.

    Personal Details:

    Name : Balaji P
    Father’s Name : Packiyarajan P
    Nationality : Indian.
    Date of Birth : 11th May 1984.
    Proficiency : English, Tamil.
    Passport No : F9734622

    I hereby declare that all the information’s furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Place: Chennai
    Date: 11/8/2007 Balaji P
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello sir,, iam btech 2007 passed out..

    iam interested in honeywell

    iam attaching my resume


    162, Kathalipalya,
    17th Main, 6th block,
    Banglore-560095 E-mail:
    Phone: 09844798333

    Career Objective:

    To be associated with an organization that provides opportunity to contribute towards the growth of the organization and also to apply my knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest technologies.

    Education Profile:

    Educational Qualification Board / University % of Marks (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) Sreenivasa Institute of Technology and Management Studies 74%
    Intermediate Board of Intermediate Education 94.1%
    SSC Board of Secondary Education 84.%

    Technical Skills:

    Ø C and Data structures
    Ø C++


    Ø Good communication skills.
    Ø Hardworking and motivating.
    Ø Confident and optimistic in arriving at a solution.
    Ø Good Analytical skills

    Project details:

    Platform : Embedded systems
    Team leader : Me

    Description :
    This project was developed mainly to solve the problems of a farmer who has to go to farm to turn on and off the motor because of the untimely availability of power. Using this project a farmer can turn on the motor in the farm using his mobile anywhere. The motor is interfaced with the telephone using the kit developed. The kit lifts the telephone by itself whenever the farmer calls it. It gives sometime to enter the code either to switch on or off. If the wrong code is entered the kit replaces the phone and is ready for the new call.

    Roles and responsibilities:

    Ø Team leader
    Ø Code development
    Ø Shared the circuit design
    Ø Material collection for Microcontroller
    Ø Hardware details
    Ø Conclusion & Bibliography

    Extra curricular activities:

    Ø Participated in Paper presentation on Nanotechnology in our college and won first prize
    Ø Went to the Inplant training in Rayalaseema thermal power plant
    Ø Participated in Quiz Competitions at School level and won first prize
    Ø One of the rankers in tenth class in our native place.

    Personal Details:

    Name : K. Venu
    Date of Birth : 12-8-1986
    Languages Known : English, Hindi and Telugu, Tamil
    Hobbies : Listening to Music, Reading inspirational books of
    Vivekananda, Browsing.


    I hereby declare that the all the above personal and technical details are true to my
    knowledge and best of my belief.

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest


    S.khaja kalim ahammad

    To succeed and venture into the wide horizons of the computing world, perform to my full potential and capability, contributing to the growth of the organization and eventually be an asset to the organization
    Undergone training on DCS (CENTUM 3000) and Prosafe Safety PLC on YOKOGAWA system at YOKOGAWA INDIA LIMITED, Bangalore.

    Training Details:
    ● Creating Project
    ● Selection of Controllers and I/O modules
    ● Generation of Control loops, logics and Debugging
    ● Configuration of Operator Guide & Announciator Alarm Message
    ● Generation of Process Report
    ● Well organized and systematic

    ● Committed towards organization and work

    ● Explorative personality

    ● Independent and self motivated

    ● Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION (71%), in ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL(2003-2007), from OSMANIA University, Hyderabad.
    ● XII Standard, FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION(2000-2002) With 89.1% Board of Intermediate Education, HYDERABAD from Nagarjuna Junior College, Ongole.
    ● X Standard, FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION(1999-2000)With 71.16%, Board of Secondary Education, HYDERABAD from Sree Vasista Public School, Proddatur.

    ● Presented Paper on Wireless Sensor Networks.
    ● Got grade good on Nagarjuna Sagar Power Station Report.
    ● Represented school in different games

    Title : Micro controlled Home Appliances
    Duration : 2 months

    ● Now a days every system is automated in order to face new challenges in the present day situation.Automated systems have less manual operations,so that the flexibility,reliabilities are high and accurate.Hence every field prefers automated control systems.Especially in the field of electonics automated systems are doing better performance.

    The goal of the project is to develop a system,which uses mobile technology that keeps control of the various units of the automobiles,which execute with respect to the signal sent by the mobile.For utilization of appliances the new concept has been thought to manage them remotely by using GSM ,which enables the user to remotely control switching of domestic appliances.Just by dialing keypad of remote telephone ,from where you are calling you can perform ON/OFF operations of the appliances.The ranges of appliances that can be controlled through tele remote systems are many in numbers.some of them are as follows and this depends upon priority of the appliances i.e parking lights,music systems or other electrical/electronics appliances.

    ● Languages : C,C++
    ● Operating systems: Win98, XP Prof, Win 2000, Win XP.

    Father’s name : S. Mehboob
    Date of birth : 01 July, 1985
    Languages Known : English, Hindi, Urdu, and Telugu
    Permanent Address : C/O S.Mehboob hussain,Door No=10-4-41/1/6
    Humayun Nagar,Masab Tank,Hyderabad.
    Passport No. : F5540246
    Marital Status : Single

    (S.Khaja Kalim Ahmmad )

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