Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering 2014, (GATE 2014) Conducted by IIT Kharagpur

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  1. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2014 will be held by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, which is the organizing institute this year. The seven IITs (Roorkee, Madras, Kharagpur, Kanpur, Guwahati, Delhi and Bombay) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) oversee GATE. The GATE score is used for scholarships and employment. The eight GATE zones are:
    Zone 1: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
    Zone 2: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
    Zone 3: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
    Zone 4: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
    Zone 5: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
    Zone 6: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
    Zone 7: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
    Zone 8: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    This year all 21 papers will be online computer-based tests (CBT).

    The GATE score is used to obtain financial support for master's or direct doctoral programmes in architecture, technology and engineering, and certain science doctoral programmes. Direct admission to a course may be granted due to a GATE score, or based on GATE plus an admission test and interview, as well as academic record.

    Eligibility varies depending on the degree and programme. Generally, you should be in the fourth year for bachelor's qualifying degrees (or you may have already completed the degree). For a Master of Engineering (M.E.) or Master of Technology (M.Tech.), you should be in the second, third or fourth year. You are eligible if you completed the degree. If your qualifying degree is a Master of Science (M.Sc.), you should be in the final year or be finished with your program.

    You can only appear for one GATE 2014 paper.
    For further details on eligibility, refer to our page on GATE 2014.
    Exam pattern and syllabus
    GATE 2014 has 21 different papers. You may only appear for one paper. Some questions will require numerical answers, while other questions are Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type.
    For further details, refer to our page on GATE 2014.

    Application procedure
    The application will be available online on 2 September.

    How To Apply:
    All candidates have to apply online An online interface is provided for most of your interaction with the GATE office. This interface can be accessed using Website with this interface you can apply for the examination online; upload photograph, signature, and supporting documents; make application fee payment through net banking; check the status of your application form (Received, Under Scrutiny, Rejected after Scrutiny failed, Accepted after Successful Scrutiny, Admit Card Ready for download, etc); Contact the GATE office in case of any queries/problems (Grievance Redressal); download admit card; view your answers, marks and GATE score
    The login to this interface is through your chosen email address and a password
    Keep this information safe and do not disclose the email id and password to anyone
    GATE online application interface (website) can be accessed from the GATE website
    You must first register yourself, by providing a valid email address
    Choose this carefully to be the one you check frequently, as all communications to you from the GATE offices will be sent to this address (do not use anybody else’s email address, only one person can register with one email address)
    Upon registration, an email will be sent with a link and one time password (OTP)
    You must click on the link and enter the password
    You will be required to change the password after the first login Choose a password that is not easily guessable (should not be like your name, DOB, 12345, asdf, etc), so as to ensure that the data you provide is not accessible to any person other than yourself
    Next you will see an application form to be filled in Keep the following information ready; personal information; Communication Address (PIN Code); Eligibility degree details (College address, PIN Code of College); GATE paper, choice of GATE examination cities; High quality image of your photograph conforming to the requirements); good quality image of your signature (in .jpeg format) conforming to requirements similar to photograph; optional (PDF files of supporting documents) (eligibility and category certificates) (max file size per file 0.5 MB); Optional (your net banking details to make the application fee payment) (only for male candidates); fill in the necessary data in the online application form following instructions given there; upload the soft copies of photo and signature (mandatory); Optional (you may upload pdf files of supporting documents conforming to the eligibility) (except principal’s certificate) and category requirements; you will have to select one of the payment options while filling the online form

    The GATE online applicant interface allows you to enter data, save partially filled form, logout, and resume filling in by logging in again
    Before you make the payment, you will be shown a preview of your application, where you have to carefully check for any errors
    Once you submit the application with payment, no further changes to the application can be made by the candidate
    Candidates who have selected online payment option will follow the instructions for online net banking in payment section and complete payment process
    Those who have selected challan payment option will directly proceed to the next step
    You will then see a link to print application form
    GATE 2014 Application Process
    to be announced shortly

    Application Process: Candidates need to register and fill the application online only by accessing the zonal GATE websites of IISc and seven IITs
    The application process is complete only when a print out of the filled online application with the candidate’s signature and a good quality photo affixed in the appropriate place is received by the respective GATE office along with necessary documents, if any, on or before 10th October, 2013
    Please note that application forms are not available for sale anywhere

    Important Dates:
    GATE online application opens: 2 September, 2013
    Last date to submit online application: 3 October, 2013
    Last date for receipt of online application printout, with other documents at zonal GATE offices: 10 October, 2013
    GATE 2014 examinations: Between 1 February, 2014 and 2 March, 2014

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