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    Google hiring process

    There is a lot of mystery and misinformation about the Google hiring process. The Google hiring process is designed to hire the most talented, creative, and articulate people in the world who will be the best fit for Google.Google receives over one million resumes per year, and hires more than thousands , depending on economic conditions

    Google hiring process: The hiring process is pretty standard, it is the evaluation that is different. All open jobs are listed on Browse for a job that fits you and submit your resume online. Every resume submitted online gets reviewed

    Google Resume Screen:

    In the first step of the process the recruiter screens every resume for technical requirements, education, and experience to make sure there is a potential fit. If there is no fit you will get a polite “no fit at this time” response, but your resume will be kept on file. The recruiter really does look at existing resumes on file when a new job req opens up. If there is a fit, a recruiter will contact you to set up a phone screen interview.

    On line Test and Telephonic Interview
    Google recruiter will contact you explain the process, and let you know what to expect. The phone screen is usually done by an employee in a similar role, and usually takes 30 minutes. There could be two or more phone screens, and you may even be asked to write code in a shared Google Doc during the phone screen if this is a technical role. The goal is to further assess your technical skills, past experience, and motivation for this new role .Google conducts one line Your responsibility to check your mail regularly with out fail because nobody calls you

    Interview : Google site interview The first on site interview will be with four or five people for 45 minutes each. This interview will go deeper into your technical skills or domain specific knowledge. If this is a technical role you will be asked to solve technical problems in real time, which may include coding a solution or white-boarding a design. This can get pretty intense for the unprepared candidate, or incredibly fun and stimulating if you are into it. Every interviewer submits their feedback in a standard format about the candidate and assigns a numerical ranking to the candidate. The feedback is reviewed by the recruiter and compared to feedback on other candidates for this job and similar roles. There is also a process to collect feedback from former colleagues. All existing employees resumes are in a database. Hiring Committee-The committee reviews every piece of feedback as well as the resume and work experience.

    Some Interview Questions

    Google Interview Questions: Product Marketing Manager

    1) Why do you want to join Google?

    2) What do you know about Google’s product and technology?

    3) If you are Product Manager for Google’s Adwords, how do you plan to market this?

    4) What would you say during an AdWords or AdSense product seminar?

    5) Who are Google competitors, and how does Google compete with them?

    6) Have you ever used Google’s products? Gmail?

    7) What’s a creative way of marketing Google’s brand name and product?

    8) If you are the product marketing manager for Google’s Gmail product, how do you plan to market it so as to achieve 100 million customers in 6 months?

    Google Interview Questions: Product Manager

    1) How would you boost the GMail subscription base?

    2) What is the most efficient way to sort a million integers?

    3) How would you re-position Google’s offerings to counteract competitive threats from Microsoft?

    4) How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

    5) You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density.
    You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

    6) How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

    7) How would you find out if a machine’s stack grows up or down in memory?

    8) Explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew.

    9) How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?
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    There were multiple objective questions and a single coding question. The focus of the paper was how quickly you could solve the general ability questions. The time limit was 1 hour.

    The written test had 3 objective question sets and 2 coding question. Instead of fixing marks for each question, they had given a weightage estimate by giving suggested time interval for each question.

    All objective question were given 1 min each, 1st coding question was 30 minutes and the 2nd question was suggested 45 minutes. All questions were just given estimated time intervals, and the entire paper was given at one go, with a total time of 1 hour 30 minutes.

    Although the function prototypes for the coding questions were given with STL containers but you could use any language that suited you. Obviously using C++ STL or a similar construct in other languages such as Java was appreciated.

    For each of the coding question an optional space was given for writing the logic. Although the logic was optional, but we seriously recommend you to give your logic. It makes much easier for the checker to understand your answer and increases your chances.

    1 Given preorder traversal of a Binary Search Tree. From the given options you have to select which one can possibly be the inorder traversal of the tree.

    2 If you could find the (n/4)th element of an array in O(n) time, then what is the worst time complexity of quick sort algo if this algo is used to decide the pivot element.

    3 Find the min no of comparisons required to find both the max and min elements of an array containing 20 elements.

    4 If an array[0...m-1,0....n-1] is stored in column major format how will u find the (i,j) element ?

    5 If an insurance company pays $5000 for complete loss, $1500 in case of a loss of $2000 and more and nothing in case the loss is less that $2000. It obviously pays nothing in case of no loss. If the probability of the first 3 events are 0.02,0.10 and 0.3 , find what should the company charge in order to make a profit of $50 from each customer ?

    6 The prob of finding the parking slot occupied is 1/3. You find it empty for 9 consecutive days. Find the prob that it will be empty on the 10th day.

    7 Consider a NxN matrix in which the elements are either 0 or 1. Find how many such matrixes are possible that are symmetric in nature(the matrix and its transpose count as 1.

    8 1<=i,j,k<=300.
    Find (i,j,k) pairs such that their sum is divisible by 3. (2,2,1) and (2,1,2) are counted as different.

    9 In the loop given below
    int counter=0;
    f For(m=l+1;m<10;m++)

    10 Find the value of counter in the end.

    11 Consider a set S of the first 10 natural numbers. Find the number of subsets that do not contain consecutive elements.

    12 A disk contains 16 partition unit , each unit contains 128 subunits, and each subunit contains 256 sectors of 512 byte each. Find out what is total storage capacity? Also find out the no of bits required to identify each sector?

    13 Which of the following is not a Regular Language :

    None given
    (0^i).(1^j) such that i
    (0^i).w.(1^j) such that w belongs to {0,1}* and i >= 0
    such that every pth input digit is 0 where p is a prime number.

    14 Find the output

    void f(char * x)

    int main()
    char * str="hello";
    cout << str;
    return 0;

    empty string

    15 Given an sorted array, what is the complexity of finding weather a number is present n/2 times or not.

    The weight of a squence a0, a1,a2,... ,an is defined as a0+a1/2+a2/(2^2)+...+an/(2^(n)). A subsequence of a sequence is said to be a sequence with some of the elements deleted from the original sequence but the order of the sequence remaining the same. Now let X be the maximum weight for a subsequence of a sequence a0,a1,a2,a3..,an. And Y be the maximum weight for a subsequence of the sequence a1,a1,a2,a3.....,an. Then X in terms of Y is

    16 What is the complexity for finding all the leaders in an array? A leader is defined as an element which is greater than all the elements to its right.

    17 For each of the following problems, give the programming paradigm used to solve it.
    Travelling Salesman Problem
    Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm
    Euclid GCD Algorithm
    Binary search
    Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree
    Tower of Hanoi

    18 For each of the following operations, give the worst case time complexity:
    Travelling Salesman Problem
    Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm
    Euclid GCD Algorithm
    Binary search
    Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree
    Tower of Hanoi

    19 For each of the following which protocol would you use:
    Live video streaming

    Subjective Questions

    1 Write a program to find the index in an circular array such that the string that is formed starting from that index is first in lexicographic order. For example in the circular array ABCDEABCCDE

    2 You are given an array of n elements [1,2,....n]. For example {3,2,1,6,7,4,5}.

    3 Now we create a signature of this array by comparing every consecutive pir of elements. If they increase, write I else write D. For example for the above array, the signature would be "DDIIDI". The signature thus has a length of N-1. Now the question is given a signature, compute the lexicographically smallest permutation of [1,2,....n]. Write the below function in language of your choice.

    4 ector* FindPermute(const string& signature);

    5 A list of strings is given. Find the number of non-anagramic strings in the list i.e. the number of strings which do not have any anagram int the list.

    int FindMaxSubset(const vector & v)
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    Google Interview Questions

    Q1) What is the value of i after execution of the following program?

    void main()


    long l=1024;

    int i=1;


    { l=l/2;




    a)8 b)11 c)10 d)100

    Q2) This question is based on the complexity …

    Which one is false for above grammar?

    Q3) Some Trees were given & the question is to fine preorder traversal.

    Q4) One c++ program, to find output of the program?

    Q5) If the mean failure hour is 10,000 and 20 is the mean repair hour. If the printer is used by 100 customer, then find the availability?
    1)80% 2)90% 3)98% 4)99.8% 5)100%

    Q6) One question on probability?

    Q7) In a singly linked list if there is a pointer S on the first element and pointer L is on the last element. Then which operation will take more time based on the length of the list?
    1) Adding element at the first.
    2) adding element at the end of the list.
    3) To exchange the first 2 element.
    4) Deleting the element from the end of the list.

    ans:2 check it!

    3 more question to find the output of the program and some questions are on Data Structures.

    some conditions were given and we have to conclude either yes or no?

    The Second Section was coding.
    1) Write a function to multiply 2 N*N matrix
    Write test cases for your code.

    2) S contains the set of positive integer. Find the largest number c such that c=a+b where a,b,c are district number of the set?
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    1. Write A Haiku Describing Possible Methods For Predicting Search Traffic Seasonality.

    Math world’s Search Engine
    Seemed Slowed This May. Undergrads
    Prepping For Finals.

    Q 2.

    1 1
    2 1
    1 2 1 1
    1 1 1 2 2 1
    What’s The Next Line?

    312211. This Is The “Look And Say” Sequence In Which Each Term After The First Describes The Previous Term: One 1 (11); Two 1s (21); One 2 And One 1 (1211); One 1, One 2, And Two 1′s (111221); And So On. See The Look And Say Sequence Entry On Mathworld For A Complete Write-up And The Algebraic Form Of A Fascinating Related Quantity Known As Conway’s Constant.

    3. You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages, All Alike. There Is A Dusty Laptop Here With A Weak Wireless Connection. There Are Dull, Lifeless Gnomes Strolling Around. What Dost Thou Do?

    A) Wander Aimlessly, Bumping Into Obstacles Until You Are Eaten By A Grue.
    B) Use The Laptop As A Digging Device To Tunnel To The Next Level.
    C) Play Mporpg Until The Battery Dies Along With Your Hopes.
    D) Use The Computer To Map The Nodes Of The Maze And Discover An Exit Path.
    E) Email Your Resume To Google, Tell The Lead Gnome You Quit And Find Yourself In Whole Different World [Sic].

    In General, Make A State Diagram . However, This Method Would Not Work In Certain Pathological Cases Such As, Say, A Fractal Maze. For An Example Of This And Commentary, See Ed Pegg’s Column About State Diagrams And Mazes .

    4. What’s Broken With Unix?

    Their Reproductive Capabilities.

    How Would You Fix It?

    5. On Your First Day At Google, You Discover That Your Cubicle Mate Wrote The Textbook You Used As A Primary Resource In Your First Year Of Graduate School. Do You:

    A) Fawn Obsequiously And Ask If You Can Have An Autograph.
    B) Sit Perfectly Still And Use Only Soft Keystrokes To Avoid Disturbing Her Concentration
    C) Leave Her Daily Offerings Of Granola And English Toffee From The Food Bins.
    D) Quote Your Favorite Formula From The Textbook And Explain How It’s Now Your Mantra.
    E) Show Her How Example 17b Could Have Been Solved With 34 Fewer Lines Of Code.

    6. Which Of The Following Expresses Google’s Over-arching Philosophy?

    A) ”I’m Feeling Lucky”
    B) ”Don’t Be Evil”
    C) ”Oh, I Already Fixed That”
    D) ”You Should Never Be More Than 50 Feet From Food”
    E) All Of The Above

    7. How Many Different Ways Can You Color An Icosahedron With One Of Three Colors On Each Face?

    For An Asymmetric 20-sided Solid, There Are Possible 3-colorings . For A Symmetric 20-sided Object, The Polya Enumeration Theorem Can Be Used To Obtain The Number Of Distinct Colorings. Here Is A Concise Mathematical Implementation:

    What Colors Would You Choose?

    8. This Space Left Intentionally Blank. Please Fill It With Something That Improves Upon Emptiness.

    For Nearly 10,000 Images Of Mathematical Functions, See The Wolfram Functions Site Visualization Gallery .

    9. On An Infinite, Two-dimensional, Rectangular Lattice Of 1-ohm Resistors, What Is The Resistance Between Two Nodes That Are A Knight’s Move Away?

    This Problem Is Discussed In J. Cserti’s 1999 Arxiv Preprint . It Is Also Discussed In The Mathematical Guidebook For Symbolics, The Forthcoming Fourth Volume In Michael Trott’s Guidebook Series, The First Two Of Which Were Published Just Last Week By Springer-verlag. The Contents For All Four Guidebooks, Including The Two Not Yet Published, Are Available On The Dvd Distributed With The First Two Guidebooks.

    10. It’s 2pm On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon In The Bay Area. You’re Minutes From The Pacific Ocean, Redwood Forest Hiking Trails And World Class Cultural Attractions. What Do You Do?

    11. In Your Opinion, What Is The Most Beautiful Math Equation Ever Derived?

    There Are Obviously Many Candidates. The Following List Gives Ten Of The Authors’ Favorites:

    1. Archimedes’ Recurrence Formula :
    2. Euler Formula :
    3. Euler-mascheroni Constant :
    4. Riemann Hypothesis: And Implies
    5. Gaussian Integral :
    6. Ramanujan’s Prime Product Formula:
    7. Zeta-regularized Product :
    8. Mandelbrot Set Recursion:
    9. Bbp Formula :
    10. Cauchy Integral Formula:

    12. Which Of The Following Is Not An Actual Interest Group Formed By Google Employees?
    A. Women’s Basketball B. Buffy Fans C. Cricketeers D. Nobel Winners E. Wine Club

    13. What Will Be The Next Great Improvement In Search Technology?

    14. What Is The Optimal Size Of A Project Team, Above Which Additional Members Do Not Contribute Productivity Equivalent To The Percentage Increase In The Staff Size?

    A) 1 B) 3 C) 5 D) 11 E) 24

    15. Given A Triangle ABC, How Would You Use Only A Compass And Straight Edge To Find A Point P Such That Triangles ABP, ACP And BCP Have Equal Perimeters? (Assume That ABC Is Constructed So That A Solution Does Exist.)

    This Is The Isoperimetric Point , Which Is At The Center Of The Larger Soddy Circle. It Is Related To Apollonius’ Problem . The Three Tangent Circles Are Easy To Construct: The Circle Around Has Diameter , Which Gives The Other Two Circles. A Summary Of Compass And Straightedge Constructions For The Outer Soddy Circle Can Be Found In ” Apollonius’ Problem: A Study Of Solutions And Their Connections” By David Gisch And Jason M. Ribando.

    Long L=1024;
    Int I=1;
    { L=L/2;

    A) 8 B) 11 C) 10 D) 100
    Ans: B

    17. This Question Is Based On The Complexity .

    Q3) s->AB

    Which One Is False For Above Grammar.

    18. Some Tree Were Given & The Question Is To Fine Preorder Traversal.

    19. One C++ Program, To Find Output Of The Program.

    20. If The Mean Failure Hour Is 10,000 And 20 Is The Mean Repair Hour. If The Printer Is Used By 100 Customer, Then Find The Availability.

    1)80% 2)90% 3)98% 4)99.8% 5)100%
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    Google Placement Paper with answers

    1. 5,5,,13,13,21,21 Ans: 29

    2. 0,7,26,63,124, Ans: 215 i.e.n**3-1 rule following

    3. 1,3,5,7, Ans: 9 '1' is not a prime number

    4. If a person walks at 4/5th of his usual spee he reaches 40min late. If he walks athis usual speed how much time does he travels. Ans:160min or 2hr 40min

    5. Two trains A&B start at opposite points 120km at 60kmph. A fly starting along with train A at 120kmph reaches B then returns back to touch and continue. By the time two trains meet howmuch distance the fly would have travelled?Ans : By 1hour both trains meet, so the distance travel by fly in 1hr is 120km.

    6. In a class 80% have passed english,70% passed Hindi 10% didnot passed either. If 144 students passed both. What is the total strength of the class. Ans: 240

    7. Find the least number when divided by 7 gives the reminder 6, when divided by 6 gives reminder 5, when divided by 5 gives reminder 4 and so on.... Ans: 419

    8. If a man stands in front of sun what is the first letter of the direction which is left to him:
    Ans: North(N)

    9. A square is to circle what is cube to Ans: sphere
    10. Synonyms
    i) Joy = gay
    ii) Inert = Inactive

    11. One wordswill begiven find oddman out: Ans:sickle like that
    a) sow b) cut c) d) sickel

    Google Aptitude Questions

    12. If I bought a cycle before 2days of my birthday and I broke it after 3 days of my birthday the day I broke is Mar2, 1956? Answer following logical questions? i) When is his birthday?

    Ans: April,28 (due to leap year i.e.1956) but do not keep answer blindly we just think before choosing answer Iam just giving idea of question

    14. What is my father's sons son to my son? Ans: cousin brother

    15. On cutting which solid parabola would be generated Ans: cone

    16. Eulers formula: Ans: F+V-E=2;
    F= faces; V= vertices; E = number of edges

    17. Newton Rapson method is to find Ans:to find the root of f(x) = 0;

    18. How many tangents can be dran within three circles if they donot lie within each other
    Ans : 12 But this answer is not there I kept 8 as answer

    19. In language the fortran which is true. A) fortran uses call by value

    20. When a program is compiled what it produces
    Ans:source code to object code

    21. In the following venn diagram shaded region is represented by some question like that I can't draw figure here thats why Iam sendinganswer only
    Ans: (B-A)' i.e. (B-A) whole dash

    22. xy-x+2y = 6 equation is shifted to form equation xy=c what is c? Ans : 4

    23.When x is real what is the least value of (x**2-6*x+5)/(x**2+2*x+1) Ans:-1/3

    Google Technical questions

    24. What is the mistake in the following program segment ?
    int a;
    void c;

    a) What will be the value of b and why ?
    b) If in first statement a=0 is replaced by a = -1, b= ?
    c) If in second statement a=0 is replaced by a = -1, b=?

    char *a[2];
    int const *p;
    int *const p;
    struct new { int a;int b; *var[5] (struct new)}
    Describe the statements in the above given construct ?

    int a=2;
    f1(int c)
    printf("%d", c);
    What is the value of c ?

    f(int t)
    case 2: c=3;
    case 3: c=4;
    case 4: c=5;
    case 5: c=6;
    default: c=0;
    What is the value of c?

    29 Write a haiku describing possible methods for predicting search traffic seasonality.
    MathWorld's search engine seemed slowed this May. Undergrads prepping for finals.

    Q 30.
    1 1
    2 1
    1 2 1 1
    1 1 1 2 2 1
    What's the next line?

    31 2211. This is the "look and say" sequence in which each term after the first describes the previous term: one 1 (11); two 1s (21); one 2 and one 1 (1211); one 1, one 2, and two 1's (111221); and so on. See the look and say sequence entry on MathWorld for a complete write-up and the algebraic form of a fascinating related quantity known as Conway's constant.

    31. You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. There is a dusty laptop here with a weak wireless connection. There are dull, lifeless gnomes strolling around. What dost thou do?
    A) Wander aimlessly, bumping into obstacles until you are eaten by a grue.
    B) Use the laptop as a digging device to tunnel to the next level.
    C) Play MPoRPG until the battery dies along with your hopes.
    D) Use the computer to map the nodes of the maze and discover an exit path.
    E) Email your resume to Google, tell the lead gnome you quit and find yourself in whole different world [sic].
    In general, make a state diagram . However, this method would not work in certain pathological cases such as, say, a fractal maze. For an example of this and commentary, see Ed Pegg's column about state diagrams and mazes .

    32. What's broken with Unix? Their reproductive capabilities.How would you fix it?

    33 On your first day at Google, you discover that your cubicle mate wrote the textbook you used as a primary resource in your first year of graduate school. Do you:
    A) Fawn obsequiously and ask if you can have an autograph.
    B) Sit perfectly still and use only soft keystrokes to avoid disturbing her concentration
    C) Leave her daily offerings of granola and English toffee from the food bins.
    D) Quote your favorite formula from the textbook and explain how it's now your mantra.
    E) Show her how example 17b could have been solved with 34 fewer lines of code.

    34. Which of the following expresses Google's over-arching philosophy?
    A) "I'm feeling lucky"
    B) "Don't be evil"
    C) "Oh, I already fixed that"
    D) "You should never be more than 50 feet from food"
    E) All of the above

    35. How many different ways can you color an icosahedron with one of three colors on each face?
    For an asymmetric 20-sided solid, there are possible 3-colorings . For a symmetric 20-sided object, the Polya enumeration theorem can be used to obtain the number of distinct colorings. Here is a concise Mathematica implementation:
    What colors would you choose?

    36. This space left intentionally blank. Please fill it with something that improves upon emptiness.
    For nearly 10,000 images of mathematical functions, see The Wolfram Functions Site visualization gallery .

    37. On an infinite, two-dimensional, rectangular lattice of 1-ohm resistors, what is the resistance between two nodes that are a knight's move away?
    This problem is discussed in J. Cserti's 1999 arXiv preprint . It is also discussed in The Mathematica GuideBook for Symbolics, the forthcoming fourth volume in Michael Trott's GuideBook series, the first two of which were published just last week by Springer-Verlag. The contents for all four GuideBooks, including the two not yet published, are available on the DVD distributed with the first two GuideBooks.

    38. It's 2PM on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Bay Area. You're minutes from the Pacific Ocean, redwood forest hiking trails and world class cultural attractions. What do you do?

    39. In your opinion, what is the most beautiful math equation ever derived?
    There are obviously many candidates. The following list gives ten of the authors' favorites:
    1. Archimedes' recurrence formula : , , ,
    2. Euler formula :
    3. Euler-Mascheroni constant :
    4. Riemann hypothesis: and implies
    5. Gaussian integral :
    6. Ramanujan's prime product formula:
    7. Zeta-regularized product :
    8. Mandelbrot set recursion:
    9. BBP formula :
    10. Cauchy integral formula:

    40. Which of the following is NOT an actual interest group formed by Google employees?
    A. Women's basketball B. Buffy fans C. Cricketeers D. Nobel winners E. Wine club

    41. What will be the next great improvement in search technology?

    42. What is the optimal size of a project team, above which additional members do not contribute productivity equivalent to the percentage increase in the staff size?
    A) 1 B) 3 C) 5 D) 11 E) 24

    43. Given a triangle ABC, how would you use only a compass and straight edge to find a point P such that triangles ABP, ACP and BCP have equal perimeters? (Assume that ABC is constructed so that a solution does exist.)
    This is the isoperimetric point , which is at the center of the larger Soddy circle. It is related to Apollonius' problem . The three tangent circles are easy to construct: The circle around has diameter , which gives the other two circles. A summary of compass and straightedge constructions for the outer Soddy circle can be found in " Apollonius' Problem: A Study of Solutions and Their Connections" by David Gisch and Jason M. Ribando.


    long l=1024;
    int i=1;
    { l=l/2;
    a)8 b)11 c)10 d)100 ans:b

    45 This question is based on the complexity ...

    Q3) s->AB
    Which one is false for above grammar.

    46 Some Tree were given & the question is to fine preorder traversal.

    47. One c++ program,to find output of the program..

    48. If the mean failure hour is 10,000 and 20 is the mean repair hour. If the printer is used by 100 customer, then find the availability. 1)80% 2)90% 3)98% 4)99.8% 5)100%

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