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    Analysis,design and Algorithm

    Chapter 1 : Review

    o Concept of algorithm

    o Components of algorithms

    Chapter 2 : Different perspectives of algorithm

    o Numerical algorithm

    o Review of searching algorithm

    o Review of sorting algorithm

    o Recursion v/s iteration

    Chapter 3 : Graph theory and related data structure

    o Introduction to graph theory

    o Matrix representation

    o Trees

    Chapter 4 : Divide and Conquer

    o Divide & Conquer : Binary search

    o Max- Min Search & Merge sort

    o Integer Multiplication

    Chapter 5 : Greedy method

    o Cassette filling

    o Knapsack problem

    o Job scheduling

    Chapter 6 : Backtracking and Branch and Bound

    o Backtracking

    o Branch & Bound

    Chapter 7 : Graph theoretic algorithms

    o Shortest path

    o Minimal spanning trees

    o Techniques for Graphs
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