Fordham Business Challenge Scholarship 2013

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    The Fordham Business Challenge is a scholarship competition that will take YOU to New York City fall 2013.

    Sign up at Fordham Business Challenge 2013 and compete for 8 full- and 8 half-tuition scholarships to study a Master of Science program at Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA).

    It is an incredible opportunity for undergraduate seniors, recent graduates and young professionals to live and learn in the business, media and finance capital of the world—New York City.

    Scholarships available for the following Master of Science programs:

    * MS in Quantitative Finance (MSQF)
    * MS in Global Finance (MSGF)
    * MS in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI)
    * MS in Investor Relations (MIR)
    * MS in Media Entrepreneurship (MSME)
    * 3-Continent MS of Global Management (3CMGM)
    * MS in Business Enterprise (MSBE)

    No matter what you study/studied, there is a program for you!

    Deadline: February 1, 2013

    Sign up today at Fordham Business Challenge 2013

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