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    An electrical control panel, in particular for height-adjustable tables equipped with actuators or lifting columns driven by an electric motor. The panel has a first part (1) intended for fixed mounting of the panel and a second part (2) with operating keys (19) for activate electrical switches. The two parts are hinged jointly, and the hinge is formed with a rotary shaft (10) on the no part and a bearing with a cylindrical face (13) on the other part and formed with interrogating projections (16) and depressions (15) such that the second part may assume various angular positions relative to the first part, the force between projections and depressions bearing greater than the necessary operative pressure on the operating keys, but smaller than the force necessary to manually move the second part between the various angular positions. The panel is of simple structure and easy to mount and use. The users may easily set the keyboard part in the desired angular position. Furthermore, the panel yields so that it is not damaged in case of collision with an object

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