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    Paper cosists of 50 General Awareness Questions and 100 Core Chemical Questions..

    They covered every subject except ThermoDybamics..Only one or 2 Questions from Thermodynamics..

    There are nearly 8 To 10 questions from Pumps..like if we change RPM how head will change..

    some questions i remembered..

    1)Polymers molecular weight range ..
    Ans :10^3 to 10^7
    2) Critical radius Ro is less than Critical Radius Rc so adding insulation will cause..
    Ans : Increases the Heat Transfer Rate.
    3) Pulp has initially 75% Water after removal Of 100 kgs of Water the Pulp contains 30% Water..So what is the initial weight of the Pulp??

    4) What is the Order and Molecularity Of the Reaction..H2+Cl2-->2HCl

    5) Heat Of the Reaction One Question..
    They gave some Reaction and The heat o formations of Reactants and Products.. We just have to do Reactants --Products..we will get the Ans.

    6)In kinetics one question is on
    r2=K2 Ca^2
    and they gave E1<E2
    so to maxmize the selectivity which reactor we should use??
    ans: PFR with low Temperature

    7) one question is on rate of reaction like they gave one raction like this
    1/2 N2+O2-->NO2 we nhave to find the relation b/w rates..
    ans: -r(N2) = -2 r(O2)= 2 r(NO2)

    8) they gave distillation column diagram we have to find the reflux ratio..
    simple mass balance..

    9) A pilot Plant containing a Distillation Column was scaled up for 3 times so what will happen
    a) No of trays will increased by three times.
    b) feed streams and Product Streams will increased by 3 times
    c) something..

    10) Minimum Reflux ratio will Obtain when the Distillation column has..
    a) Optimum number of trays.
    b) Maximum Number of trays
    c) Minimum Number of Trays

    11) Solvant contains(no solute A) water of 10 Kg and Solid(30 Kg) contains Xf=0.2 we have to find out the weight of Extract?/some thing like this??

    12) Measure Of Volatility
    ans: (Ya/Xa)/(Yb/Xb)

    13) bengine is mixed with some toulene or something..at 80 oC
    they gave Equillibrium Pressure ,and Vapour Pressues of Both Of them..We have to find out the Mole fraction of bengine in Liquid Phase..
    the mixture obeys Roults Law

    14) Compressibility factor
    a) V actual/V ideal b) V ideal/ V actual c) P actual/ P ideal d) P ideal/ P actual

    15) Ideal gas at dilute Concentrations Obeys
    a) charles law b) Henry's law c) daltons Law 4) Roults law

    16) boiling temp of substance A is 60 oC and substance B is 80 oC then the boiling point of the mixture A and B
    a) greater than A but less than B
    b) less than both A and B
    c) greater than both A and B

    17)Work for Compression in a Cylinder is minimum for
    a) Isothermal Process b) adiabatic Process c) polyntropic Process

    18)polyntropic Process is represented by
    a) pv=cont b) pv^n=cont c)pv^r =cont

    19)Dittus bolger Equation is valid only for
    a) Re is b/w 0 to 2300
    b) Re is b/w 10000 to 100000
    c) Re is b/w 120000 to 10^7

    20) heat transfer Coefficient in a reator varies as Re^0.8 so how it will varie with the diameter??
    a)D^0.2 b)D^-0.2 c)----

    21) Baffles in Heat Exchanger are used to enhance..
    ans) to increase Turbulance and heat transfer coeff on shell side/tube side i dont remember exactly..

    22)For 1 shell pass and 1 tube pass(1-1) steam and Fluid shoud flow
    a) fluid should be tubeside and steam should be Shell side (countercurrentflow)

    23) for Forced Convection Nusselt Number is a Combination of
    a) Gr,Pr b)Re,Pr c)Gr,Re d)Pr,Gr

    24)to enhance the heat transfer coefficient in natural convection
    a) the density of the fluid should not change with temperature

    25)One Question on Filtration some formula they gave..and its a constant rate filtration so it took 5 mins to filter 20 lts so howmany minutes it will take to filter one more 20 lts..
    a) 5 min b) 10 min c) 15 min d) 20 min

    26)One more Question on Filtration

    27) Molecular size rage for Electrostatic Precipitation
    a) 0.001nm - 0.01 Um b)---

    28) the Power Required /Kg Crushed is minimum for
    a) boll mill b)rod mill c) jaw Crusher

    29) for the material size to be 1 cm we should use
    a) crusher B) boll mill

    30) one more question on the power of these mills

    31)absoption factor should be between
    a) 1 to 1.5 b) 1.25 to 2 c)>2 d) >3

    32 ) one question on liquid flow rate L,gas flow rate G and some lenth or height Z then some relation b/w these..but i am sure this question is from Absorption

    33)based on stokes law we have to find turnover velocity

    34)one question on finding the Pressure by balancing on manometer..

    35)PIC controller transfer function..
    ans: Kc(1+1/TiS +TS)

    36) in the given following second order equations one is a combination of 2 first order systems
    ans: 1/s(s+1)

    37)phase rule
    ans: F+P = C+2

    38)specific rate constant k varies with
    ans: e^(-E/RT)

    39)Conversion of Aromatics to Alkanes is called??

    40) one question on Arranging by order on some polymers...

    41)capital cost on a plant is 100000 and working capital is 10000 turnover ratio is 1 then what is return on investment or some gross income??

    42)what is the cost of a refrigerator whose sold value is 40000 and compound interest is 10% before 6 years??

    43) one question on Humidy..

    44)equation for helmiz energy ?? in the following relations
    a) (dP/dV)s=(dS/dV)p
    45)one question on cyclone separator

    46)what is the fanning factor ??

    47) frictional coefficient in reynolds anology??

    48) damping factor of a second order system is 1 then
    a) over damped b) critically damped c) underdamped

    49)one question on diffusion based on some theorey we have to identify the relation between Kl and Da

    50)with increse in temperature rate of contact of a reaction
    a) decreases b) increases

    51)find the minimum temp required for inlet of a heat exchanger specific heat is given ,out let temp is given...

    52)specific heat of a gas ---- with Pressure??
    a) increses b) decreases c) does not change with pressure d)not related to Pressure

    GK questions

    1) OPEC head quarters are in
    ans: Vienna
    2) first Woman president Of INC is
    ans:Ani be Scent
    3) Pravas Bharatiya was held on
    ans: january 9th
    4) Niligiri hills are famous for
    ans: Tea
    5) pongal is associted with which state
    ans: Tamilnadu
    6) Sunderbans are Famous for
    7)2012 Olympic games are held in
    ans: london
    8) P.sainath is associated with
    a) anchoring b)....
    9) M.S .Swaminathan is associted with which commision

    10) father of Modern Biology
    11)carbon tax was first implemeted in

    12) priya caused ----- in her house by choosing fashion as her career
    a) uproar b) showdown c) scene d) incident

    13) i would be able to clarify him if he--- here today
    a) would be b)was c) will d) ---

    14) you--- come for breakfast tomarrow
    ans) will

    15) concur means
    a) to accept b) to deny c)----

    16) nightmare:dream
    a) fear:victim b)-----------------

    17) his -----of distributing funds is first for self then for his people something like this..
    a) hirarchy b) definition c) ability
    18) wrong usage of allow in the following sentences

    a)adoquote:story b) melody:tune c)paragraph :eassy

    20)dance of the east or something like this
    a) kuchipudi b) bharathanatyam c) kathak d) manipuri

    21)kasiranga national park was famous for..

    22)jawahar lal nerhru award for 2006 was awardered for which country for understanding in international peace

    23) which one is eqivalent to Nobel prize
    a) megasese award b) bukar prize c) able prize d)-----

    24)bagiradhi meet sea at
    a) vishnu prayag b) dev prayag c)----

    25) famous football player vijaysingh is from which country...


    thats all i remember ...

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