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    Being organized by MAIT’S EDC for the first time, E-MAVEN – The Business Plan Competition offers the perfect platform to students to showcase their entrepreneurial expertise with the right amalgamation of technical, managerial and business skills.

    The competition aims to create awareness among the students regarding entrepreneurship, and why & how to take it as their career option. It aims to do so by having many activities planned with the help of many successful entrepreneurs.

    A business plan describes the specifics of the venture you intend to start along with the concrete reasons as to why do you think it will be profitable. It usually starts with the mission and the goals along with the specifics of how they are to be achieved and the market strategy to be employed. It should also include a break-even analysis, a revenue model and a projected cash-flow analysis.

    Business plans can vary greatly, but generally include the descriptions of the company, product/service, the revenue expectations, the core team and a detailed financial analysis.

    Here is a standard outline of a typical B-Plan:

    * Cover Page
    * Organizational/Business Description
    * Product/Service Description
    * Industry Background
    * Market Analysis and Survey
    * Competition Analysis
    * Future Strategy and Implementation
    * Marketing and Operations Plan
    * Team Description
    * Financial Plan
    * Executive Summary

    In a nutshell, it is about thinking through a business and articulating it clearly enough to get the potential investors interested. Think through your idea and create a concise and smart elevator pitch to make a great first impression. A smartly executed business plan helps you allocate resources efficiently and handle unforeseen complications.

    Deadline of registration and submission of executive summary – 11:59 PM, 30th Nov 2012

    For more informations please visit : E-Maven

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