difference btw microcontroller and microprocessor

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    at the time of counting the difference between the MIC and MIP everyone says that its a single chip and MIP does not...

    bt can anybody focus on other differences?...

    Mohanlal Mithaiwala
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    i told u simple example through which ...u can understand ...

    mc= here we write a program and store in it through data cable . it is generally used in ..washing machine , wch performing only one task and we can change that ...have u heard abt cob wich r u used in toys (china toys .that is mc)

    mp= in the computer we r using mp ..

    ok ..if u have ..probl contact me
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    Microcontroller is the one with internal Data memory/Program Memory/Address decoder/Ports/Timers/perpherals. Generally does not have address and data bus externally through pins.

    Microprocessor requires everything - timers/ports/data and program memory outside. But generally more powerful (MIPS) and capable of addressing larger memory. Decoder chips are necessary to glue the outside chips together to realise a system.

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