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  1. 1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
    1) Cricket
    2) Football
    3) Polo
    4) Carrom
    5) Hockey

    2. In the word CONTRACTUAL, the positions of the first and the eleventh letters are interchanged. Similarly, the positions of the second and the tenth letters are interchanged, and so on, up to the positions of fifth and seventh letters are interchanged, keeping the position of sixth letter unchanged. Which letter will be the third to the right of the sixth letter from the left end?
    1) U
    2) N
    3) T
    4) A
    5) None of these

    3. In a certain code, LATE is written as $%#@ and WIDE is written as *?▲@. How is DIAL written in that code?
    1) ▲@#$
    2) ▲@%$
    3) ▲?%$
    4) ▲?%#
    5) None of these

    4. What will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series based on their positions in the English alphabet?
    1) PRS
    2) QST
    3) OQR
    4) ORS
    5) None of these

    5. If in the following set of numbers, the first and the third digits are interchanged in each number, which number will be second if arranged in ascending order after interchanging the digits?
    583 645 396 287 469
    1) 583
    2) 645
    3) 396
    4) 287
    5) 469

    Directions (Q.6-10): In each of the following questions two rows of numbers are given. The resultant of each row is to be worked out separately based on the following rules, and the question below the row of numbers is to be answered. The operations of numbers in each row progress from left to right.

    (i) If an odd number is followed by another odd number, they are to be multiplied.
    (ii) If an even number is followed by another even number, the first number is to be divided by the second even number.
    (iii) If an even number is followed by the perfect square of an odd number, the first number is to be subtracted from the second number.
    (iv) If an odd number is followed by an even number the two are to be added.
    (v) If an even number is followed by an odd number which is not a perfect square, the square of the odd number is to be added to the even number.
    11. 96 16 81 = x
    11 15 18 = y
    What is the value of y-2x?
    1) 108
    2) 33
    3) 105
    4) 36
    5) None of these

    12. 28 49 13 = x
    37 12 22 = y

    What will be the sum of the resultant of the two rows?
    1) 108
    2) 244
    3) 102
    4) 344
    5) None of these

    13. 18 5 17 = x
    64 8 11 = y
    What will be the value of x + y?
    1) 189
    2) 129
    3) 69
    4) 169
    5) None of these

    14. 9 15 50 = x
    12 25 24 = y
    What will be the value of x/y?
    1) 18
    2) 8
    3) 5
    4) 6
    5) None of these

    15. 56 14 9
    36 12 7
    What will be the difference between the resultants of the two rows?
    1) 14
    2) 21
    3) 5
    4) 26
    5) None of these

    The company was open for all branches of B E and M E

    They expect people with very good comm.. skills

    They told that there will be one interview in ppt.

    But more interviews were conducted in cases where the HR's were not able to decide.

    They were sent to CEO panel.

    The Interview was full of personal and a little HR for non-circuits and technical for circuits.

    They expect students to be strong in the Enterprise application and Technology integration field.


    The pattern was similar to CTS pattern as the HR's were former CTS employees.

    The booklet given here was BLUE

    40 Qns. 60 mins. Negative marking of 0.25 per negative answer.

    Three sections (Verbal, Quans and Critical)
    15 Quans
    10 Verbal
    4 (Fitting the correct word in the given sentence)
    6 (Fitting the correct sentence in the given paragraph)
    15 Reasoning.

    Plz work out... Don't rely on the answer provided here. They may be wrong sometimes

    Que. Which are in RED asked in IIT Delhi rest are which I have collected from other paper of Deloitte

    1. I have 20 rupees. I bought 1, 2, 5 rupee stamps. They are different in numbers by the reason of no change, the shop keeper gives 3 one rupee stamps. So how many stamp(s) I have. Ans: 10

    2. An Engine length 1000 m moving at 10 m/s. A bird is flying from engine to end with x sec and coming back at 2x sec. Take total time of bird traveling as 187.5 s. Find the to and fro speed of the bird. Answer 6 and 18m/s

    3. P(father ) & Q (Son) .. Morning walk… In the shape of equilateral triangle. P walks at 1kmph and runs 4kmpg. Q runs and walks at double P's speed. From the apex of equilateral triangle they both start. Q goes clockwise and P anticlockwise. They both travel for 90 min.
    Ans 3.5 (not sure)

    4. Which polygon has no. of sides = diagonal Answer- Pentagon)

    5. A person makes one Cigar from 7 burnt pieces. How many pieces would be required to make 16 Cigars. Answer 112

    6. There is a point P on the circle. A and B started running in two constant different speeds. A in Clockwise and B in Anti-clockwise. A meet B First time 500 m in Clockwise from P then second time 400 m Anti-clockwise from P. B is yet to complete one round, What is the circumference of the circle?

    7. What is the prob. Of getting 2 prime nos. from 1 to 20. (Ans 14/95)

    8. There are 5 Sub with equal high marks. Mark scored by a boy is 3:4:5:6:7 (Not sure). If his total aggregate if 3/5 of the total of the highest score, in how many subjects has he got more than 50%? - 3

    9. There are 11 lines in plane. How many intersections (Maximum) can be made? Answer 11C2

    10. There are 3 Sections with 5 Qns each. If three Qns are selected from each section, then in how many ways this selection can be done..
    Answer : 1000(d)

    11. There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row , the shortest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the tallest person is B. Who is taller?

    12. P # Q = (P-Q)(Q-P) = - 1. Then Which is true?
    P = 3, Q = 2 P = 2,Q = 3 P = -1,Q = 1 P = 1, Q = -1 Ans: I & II only

    13. 7 Pink, 5 Black, 11 Yellow balls are there. Minimum no. atleast to get one black and yellow ball Ans: 19

    14. Juice contains water and orange pulp in the ratio of 3:1. For making 12L juice, how much orange pulp will be required. Answer 3

    15. What is the probabltity of writing correct addresses to 4 letters to be posted. Answer 1/24(c )

    16. A,B and C starts from a point on a circle. A and B goes clockwise and C anticlockwise. A meets C after 88s B meets C after 110s. after how many sec A meets B .

    17. There are 80 balls and one of them is defective and having less wt. than others. What is the min. amount of weighings to get that ball out.(Answer 5)

    18. How many type can arrange to seat 4 man & 4 woman on a circuler table alternate.

    19. A, B, C and D are four people. There are four houses Red, Yellow, Blue, White. P, Q, R and S are four sections not in same order
    Conditions like
    Three are sisters
    B comes from Red
    C comes from Blue
    Qns were asked based on that

    20. A Father is willing his estates like this. If a boy is born, wife has 1/3 part and remaining for boy. If a girl is born, Wife has 2/3 and remaining for the girl. But twins (Boy + Girl) are born.
    What is the share that the daughter would get?
    Answer = 1/6

    21. MBA, GRE prob from Barrons GRE (Don know whether it is there in all GRE Editions). Ans: GMAT, CAT (Sure)
    22. If ü - Married
    û - Not Married and
    M-ü N-û
    N-ü L-û
    L-û M-ü
    Who is married? Ans: N

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