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  1. DELL verbal ability practice questions

    1. Read the Passage carefully and answer the questions given below

    But I did not want to shoot the elephant. I watched him beating his bunch of grass against his knees, with the preoccupied grandmotherly air that elephants have. It seemed to me that it would be murder to shoot him. I had never shot an elephant and never wanted to. (Somehow it always seems worse to kill large animal.) Besides, there was the beast's owner to be considered. But I had got to act quickly. I turned to some experienced-looking Burmans who had been there when we arrived, and asked them how the elephants had been behaving. They all said the same thing; he took no notice of you if you left him alone, but he might charge if you went too close to him.

    I. The author did not want to shoot the elephant because he

    A. was afraid of it

    B. did not have the experience of shooting big animals

    C. did not wish to kill animal which was not doing anybody any harm

    D. did not find the elephant to be ferocious


    II. The phrase 'Preoccupied grandmotherly air' signifies

    A. being totally unconcerned

    B. pretending to be very busy

    C. a very superior attitude

    D. calm, dignified and affectionate disposition


    III. From the passage it appears that the author was

    A. an inexperienced hunter B. kind and considerate

    C. possessed with fear D. a worried man


    1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below

    In the world today we make health and end in itself. We have forgotten that health is really means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. a lot of modern medicine and this includes many patients as well as many physicians pays very little attention to health but very much attention to those who imagine that they are ill. Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspapers. the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of television programmes and all those books on medicine. We talk about health all the time. Yet for the most part the only result is more people with imaginary illness. The healthy man should not be wasting time talking about health: he should be using health for work. The work does the work that good health possible.

    I. A healthy man should be concerned with

    A. his work which good health makes possible

    B. looking after his health

    C. his health which makes work possible

    D. talking about health


    II. The passage tells us

    A. how medicine should be manufactured

    B. what healthy man should or should not do

    C. what television programmes should be about

    D. how best to imagine illness


    III. Talking about the health all time makes people

    A. always suffer from imaginary illness

    B. sometimes suffer from imaginary illness

    C. rarely suffer from imaginary illness

    D. often suffer from imaginary illness


    IV. The passage suggests that

    A. health is an end in itself

    B. health is blessing

    C. health is only means to an end

    D. we should not talk about health


    1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below
    At this stage of civilisation, when many nations are brought in to close and vital contact for good and evil, it is essential, as never before, that their gross ignorance of one another should be diminished, that they should begin to understand a little of one another's historical experience and resulting mentality. It is the fault of the English to expect the people of other countries to react as they do, to political and international situations. Our genuine goodwill and good intentions are often brought to nothing, because we expect other people to be like us. This would be corrected if we knew the history, not necessarily in detail but in broad outlines, of the social and political conditions which have given to each nation its present character.

    I. The need for a greater understanding between nations

    A. was always there B. is no longer there

    C. is more today than ever before D. will always be there


    II. The character of a nation is the result of its

    A. mentality B. cultural heritage

    C. gross ignorance D. socio-political conditions


    III. According to the author his countrymen should

    A. read the story of other nations

    B. have a better understanding of other nations

    C. not react to other actions

    D. have vital contacts with other nations


    IV. Englishmen like others to react to political situations like

    A. us B. themselves

    C. others D. each others


    1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below

    The strength of the electronics industry in Japan is the Japanese ability to organise production and marketing rather than their achievements in original research. The British are generally recognised as a far more inventive collection of individuals, but never seem able to exploit what they invent. There are many examples, from the TSR Z hovercraft, high speed train and Sinclair scooter to the Triumph, BSA and Norton Motorcycle which all prove this sad rule. The Japanese were able to exploits their strengths in marketing and development many years ago, and their success was at first either not understood in the West or was dismissed as something which could have been produced only at their low price. They were sold because they were cheap copies of other people's ideas churned out of a workhouse which was dedicated to hard grind above all else.

    I. It is evident from the passage that the strength of a country's industry depends upon

    A. original research B. international cooperation

    C. dedicated workforce D. electronic development


    II. According to the passage, prosperity in industry depends upon

    A. productivity B. inventiveness

    C. marketing ability D. official patronage


    III. The main theme of this passage is

    A. electronic industry in Japan

    B. industrial comparison between Japan and Britain

    C. the role of marketing efficiency in industrial prosperity

    D. the importance of original research in industry


    1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below

    Piccadilly Circus was full of loneliness.It seethes and echoes with it. To live near it. Looking down on it is a discomforting exercise. You can't feel the pulse of London here, though people expect to. To Londoners it is a maddening obstruction between one place and another, and few voluntarily linger there. The only locals are those who live off the lingerers; the lingerers are primarily sightseers, with a fair sprinkling of people hoping to draw attention to themselves - both typically from the provinces. They have come to see the heart of London and expect to see spectacle, glamour and vice.

    I. Piccadilly circus is

    A. the name of a circus company

    B. a lonely and resounding old building

    C. a centrally located area in London

    D. a huge heap of ruins


    II. The passage implies that

    A. some Londoners love to spend their time near the Piccadilly circus

    B. Piccadilly circus is a hazardous place

    C. no Londoner wants to be in Piccadilly circus

    D. Piccadilly circus is place of vice


    III. According to this passage, people from outside London go to Piccadilly circus because it is

    A. a historical place B. full of glamour

    C. full of exciting people D. the pulse of London

  2. Computer hardware

    1. How many devices can be used on a single SCSI bus? Keep in mind that the SCSI host adapter counts as a device.

    A. 1

    B. 8

    C. 20

    D. 10

    E. All of the above


    1. To install a second IDE drive into a computer, you must:
    A. Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive

    B. Use the IDE configuration software to set the new drive as slave

    C. Verify that you define the new drive as D: in the CMOS setup

    D. Verify that you attach the drive to the connector at the end of the ribbon cable

    E. None of the above


    1. In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:
    A. Basic Intuitive Output Set

    B. Basic Input Organizational System

    C. Basic Input Output System

    D. Basic Industry Operating System

    E. None of the above


    1. How many pins on a VGA?
    A. 15.

    B. 9

    C. 25

    D. 32

    E. None of the above


    1. What is modified when changing the system start-up boot sequence?


    C. autoexec.bat


    E. None of the above


    1. Which is NOT typically a Field Replaceable Unit?
    A. System ROM

    B. Power supply

    C. System chassis

    D. Video controller

    E. None of the above


    1. What are the most likely conditions for ESD?
    A. Cold and wet

    B. Cold and dry

    C. Hot and wet

    D. Hot and dry

    E. None of the above


    1. Which type of cable is most likely in use with rj-45 connectors?
    A. 10base2

    B. 10base5

    C. 10baseT

    D. 10baseFL

    E. None of the above


    1. Which controller would support an external CD-ROM drive?
    A. ESDI

    B. ARLL

    C. MFM

    D. SCSI

    E. None of the above


    1. You should never put floppy drives, hard drives, or even VCR tapes or cassette tapes on top of speakers (or near any other source of magnetism) because of:
    A. RFI

    B. EMI

    C. EXE

    D. FYI

    E. IOU


    1. RS-232 is a standard that applies to?
    A. Parallel port

    B. Serial port

    C. Game port

    D. All of the above

    E. None of the above


    1. How would you allow device drivers and TSR's to be loaded into Upper Memory Blocks ?
    A. DOS=High

    B. devicehigh=

    C. loadhigh=

    D. DOS=UMB

    E. None of the above


    1. RTS stands for:
    A. ready to start

    B. ready to switch

    C. request to send

    D. request to scan

    E. ready to set


    1. What can you use to ensure power is not interrupted, resulting in corrupted data?
    A. UPS

    B. Proper grounding

    C. Surge protector

    D. Nuclear powered thermal protective underwear

    E. None of the above


    1. MSD exe does not have information on:
    A. cache

    B. video

    C. operation system

    D. com ports

    E. None of the above


    1. The standard IRQ for the floppy drive is?
    A. 9

    B. 6

    C. 10

    D. All of the above

    E. None of the above

    1. Ans-B

    To find out how much memory is available, you could type _____

    A. EMM

    B. MEM



    E. None of the above


    1. A PC with a 486DX2 processor runs internally at SOMhz. What speed would its external logic be running?
    A. l0Mhz

    B. 25Mhz

    C. 50Mhz

    D. 100 Mhz

    E. None of the above


    1. Upper Memory blocks are located where?
    A. Conventional Memory

    B. Extended Memory

    C. Expanded memory

    D. Reserved Memory

    E. None of the above


    1. Which of the following are SCSI issues?
    A. unique id settings

    B. limited cable length

    C. parity

    D. passive termination

    E. active termination


    1. What is the name of the printed circuit board?

    1. How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold?

    1. After trying to unload a TSR, you get an error message saying that other TSRs were loaded after the one you tried to remove. Which of the following commands could you use to see the current load order?
    A. MEM /P


    C. MEM /C (A SYS:

    D. None of the above


    1. IDE cables have how many pins?
    A. 25 B. 50

    C. 100 D. 40

    E. 65


    1. The DC voltage on most circuit boards is:
    A. -12 volts

    B. 0 volts

    C. +5 volts

    D. +12 volts

    E. None of the above

  3. DELL- Previous Years asked questions for learn and practice

    1. Three bells rings at the intervals of 36 seconds, 40 seconds and 48 seconds respectively. They start ringing together at a particular time. When they will start ringing together again?
    (1)After 6 minutes
    (2) After 12 minutes
    (3)After 18 minutes
    (4) After 24 minutes

    2. The sum of one-half, one-third and one-fourth of a number exceeds the number by 12. The number is
    (2) 154
    (3) 90
    (4) 174

    3. A farmer divides his herd of x cows among his 4 sons so that one son gets one half of the herd, the second gets one-fourth, the third gets one-fifth and the fourth gets 7 cows. Then x is equal to
    (1) 100
    (2) 140
    (4) 160

    4. If the list price of a book is reduced by Rs. 5, then a person can buy 5 more books for Rs. 300. The original cost of the book is
    (1) Rs. 15
    (2) Rs. 20
    (3) Rs. 25
    (4) Rs. 30

    5. A man has only 20-paise and 25-paise coins in a bag. If he has 50 coins in all totaling to Rs.11.25, then the number of 20-paise coins is
    (1) 28
    (2) 27 1
    (4) 25

    6. Jayant gets 3 marks for each right sum and loses 2 marks for each wrong sum. He attempts 30 sums and obtains 40 marks. The number of sums attempted correctly is
    (1) 25
    (2) 20
    (3) 26
    (4) 27

    Complete the following number series:
    7. 1, 1, 3, 9, 5, 25, 7, 49 _, 81
    (2) 9
    (3) 8
    (4) 10

    8. 5, 11, 23, 41, 64, _
    (2) 95
    (3) 101
    (4) 105

    Directions (9-11): Study the information given below to answer these questions.
    Mark your answer as:
    (i) If both A and R are correct but R does not explain A.
    (ii) If both A and R are correct and R explains A.
    (iii) If A is correct but R is wrong.
    (iv) If A wrong but R is correct.

    9. Assertion (A): A saltwater fish drinks sea water where a fresh water fish never drinks water.
    Reason (R): A saltwater fish is hyper tonic to its environment while a freshwater fish is hypotonic to its environment.
    10. Assertion (A): The territory of Indiais larger than the territories of the States taken together.
    Reason (R): Indiais a Union of States.
    11. Assertion (A): Alcohol rather than mercury is used in a thermometer to measure a temperature of 60o C.
    Reason (R): Alcohol has a lower freezing point then mercury.
    Directions (12-13): On the basis of given statements answer the following questions: All good athletes want win and all athletes who want to win, eat a well-balanced diet. Therefore, all athletes who do not eat a well-balanced diet are bad athletes.

    12. If assumptions of the argument above are true, then which of the following statements must be true?
    1) No athlete who does not eat a well-balanced diet is a good athlete.
    2) No bad athlete wants to win.
    3) Every athlete who eats a well-balanced diet is a good athlete.
    4) All athletes who want to win are good athletes.

    13. Which of the following if true, would refute the assumptions of argument above?
    1) Bob, the accountant, eats a well-balanced diet, but he is not a good athlete.
    2) Ann wants to win, but she is not a good athlete.
    3) All the players on the Burros baseball team eat a well-balanced diet.
    4) Cindy, the basketball star, does not eat a well-balanced diet, but she is a good athlete.

    Directions (Q.14-18): In the following questions, the first and the last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is split into four parts named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts, arrange them properly and find out which of the five combinations given below is appropriate, and mark it as your answer.
    1. The latest move
    P. women is being opposed
    Q. to reserve one-third of
    R. tooth and nail by
    S. the electoral seats for
    6. some political parties.
    1) SPQR
    2) QSPR
    3) SRPQ
    4) PRQS
    5) SPRQ

    1. One of the most pernicious
    P. ancient scriptures is that
    Q. of the system of caste hierarchy,
    R. and reactionary feudal survivals
    S. sanctified by some
    6. exploitation and oppression.
    1) PQRS
    2) SRQP
    3) PRQS
    4) QSPR
    5) RSPQ

    1. Experience as well as
    P. tells us that any attempt
    Q. at a forced equalisation of income
    R. modern economic theory
    S. and wealth destroys the incentives
    6. that encourage efficiency.
    1) RPQS
    2) SPRQ
    3) PSQR
    4) QRPS
    5) PQRS

    1. The chances of electoral success
    P. for liberals would certainly improve
    Q. under the banner of
    R. a liberal party with its
    S. if they could fight
    6. own electoral symbol.
    1) SQRP
    2) RPSQ
    3) PSQR
    4) RQPS
    5) QRSP

    1. The author has pointed an
    P. of the community who
    Q. accusing finger at the Muslim intelligentsia
    R. maintain a stoic silence over the
    S. and the dominant members
    6. bizarre happenings in Kashmir .
    1) QSPR
    2) RPSQ
    3) SQRP
    4) PQRS
    5) SRQP

    Passage :
    Efforts are on to generate favourable public opinion for allowing our government to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). It appears the government has been trying to sell to opposition parties and the public the following point:
    Our nuclear scientists are sure that with the Pokhran –II tests, conducted in May 1998, they have “enough data, expertise and skills to conduct sub-critical test and maintain our deterrence for the next 25 years or so,” and therefore, we can go ahead sign the CTBT. Indiadoes not need any further nuclear test for weaponisation and for acquiring a minimum deterrent. If we sign the CTBT now, there will be every possibility of the American Government supporting Indiato get a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. There will be favourable world opinion and it will result in many advantages to India.
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    19. What do you make out of the expression that the Pokhran – II tests are enough to maintain our deterrence for the next 25 years or so?
    1)It will make our enemy cautions enough to attack us in the coming years.
    2)We can confront our enemies with its help in the near future.
    3)We will have a greater say in the international context by going nuclear.
    4)It is enough to maintain our superiority in the region for the next two and a half decades or so.
    5)None of these
    20.Our government feels that if we sign the CTBT now, then America will certainly 1stand in the way of India to get a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.
    1)back Indiain getting a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council.
    2)have no power to obstruct India’s chance in getting a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.
    3)feel pressurized to not allow Indiaacquire a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.
    4)None of these
    21.The passage mainly presents the answer to which of the following questions?
    1)What are the benefits of signing the CTBT?
    2)What are the advantages of our Pokhran – II tests?
    3)Why should we oblige the US?
    4)Where do we stand in the world today?
    5)None of these
    22.Give the synonym of the word expertise as given in bold in the passage.
    23.Give the antonym of the word favourble as given in bold in the passage.
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    Directions (24-25): In each of the number series given in these questions, the two terms have been put within brackets. Mark your answer as :
    (1) If the first bracketed term is right and second is wrong.
    (2) If both the bracketed terms are right.
    (3) If the first bracketed term is wrong and the second is right.
    (4) If both the bracketed terms are wrong.
    24. 4, 6, 10, (12), 16, (14), 22
    25. 3, 10, 29, (66), (127), 218
    ANSWERS : 1.(2) 2.(1) 3.(2) 4.(2) 5.(4) 6.(2) 7.(2) 8.(2) 9. (1) 10. (2) 11. (2) 12. (1) 13. (4) 14. (2) 15. (5)
    16. (1) 17. (3) 18. (1) 19. (1) 20. (2) 21. (1) 22. (4) 23. (5) 24. (1) 25. (2)

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