Daffodil Placement Paper

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  1. q1:write a program to print following output from given input
    input: aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff ggg hhh iii jjj
    output: bbb aaa ddd ccc fff eee hhh ggg jjj iii
    q1:write a program for preorder traversal of a tree?
    objective selection:
    q: which is not used for sorting?
    a) selection
    b) deletion
    c) exchange
    d) insertion
    q: which is not memory management scheme?
    a) buddy system
    b) paging
    q: which is the collection of program and used to create and maiontain database??
    a) dbms
    b) db
    c) dba
    d) all
    there were option for these output questions i have not mentioned them
    q: write output of following
    static int var=5;

    q: write output of following
    q: write output of following
    float u=1.1;
    double me=1.1;
    printf("i love you");
    ("i hate u");
    q: the present average age in an adult school is 44. now 120 more students get
    admitted if average of 32,due to which average age of school gets down by
    4. so what is the number of students ion school???
    q: the current ratio of the age of husband and wife is 4:3.after 4 years it becomes 9:7
    and at the time of their marriage it was 5:?(i don't remember the exact figure)
    then from, how many years they are married???
    q: if A=2+1/a and B=a+1/2,if A=B then what should be the value of a?
    q: complete the series

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