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  1. Megha Baldi

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    Re: CTS : OFF-CAMPUS : For Freshers - ALL GRADUATES Software

    Megha N. Baldi
    C\o NatwarLal Baldi
    B.J.P Market
    B.1/4 Near Vardhaman Chowk
    Ph. No.: +919823861102, 02302435255
    E-mail- meghabaldi@yahoo.com

    To get myself known to the world with my technical ability along with my personal moral value. A desire to have a rewarding & challenging job in software industry that shall satisfy my creative urge & help me to grow as well as explore my latent talent & skills.
    Academic profile:

    Degree: B.E.-Computer Science and Engineering
    College: D.K.T.E.’s Textile & Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji

    Year Year of passing Board/University Marks (%)
    B.E 2006 Shivaji University 73.79%
    T.E. 2005 Shivaji University 65.93%
    S.E. 2004 Shivaji University 57.47%
    F.E. 2003 Shivaji University 52%
    H.S.C. 2002 Maharashtra 64%
    S.S.C. 2000 Maharashtra 65%

    Project Undertaken:

    Project Name : “Self-adaptive quality improvement algorithm “

    • Goals-Provide best image processing system without human intervention that is it will be self-adaptive
    • Current System allow digital enhancement of images they provide all the basic image processing algorithm for image enhancements but they need human interventions
    • Build system which will use image processing capable enough to enhance image
    • Applications in medical and digital sector

    Language : VC++.

    Platform : Windows 98 / XP.
    Seminar Delivered:

    Title : Anti-spam
    Abstract : Blocking of bulk mails that are as garbage to the users .To avoid the mails which are not essentials.Anti-spam is the software system to block these garbage mails

    Skill Set:
     Programming Languages
    C, C++, java, VC++, Assembly Language of
    Microprocessors (8085/86/386 ),ASP

    Achievements/Extra –curricular Activities:
     Active member of Rotract Club of DKTE from year 2004
     Best ARTIST Award in D.K.T.E Art Exhibition
     Member of CISA (Computer –IT Student Association)
     Participated in Software Contest at the D.K.T.E College.
     Participated in Quiz contest held at, T.E.I. Ichalkaranji
     Certified course in Fashion designing and Interior designing

    Personal Details:
    Megha N. Baldi

    Address: C\o NatwarLal Baldi
    B.J.P Market
    B.1/4 Near Vardhaman Chowk
    Telephone: +919823861102, 02302435255
    Email: meghabaldi@yahoo.com

    Date of Birth: 14th Jan 1984
    Marital Status: Unmarried
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Indian
    Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi
    Interests: Sketching, Painting,Listening music, Gardening

    I consider myself familiar with Information Technology Aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team as well as an individual.
    I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to best of my knowledge.

    (Megha N. Baldi)
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


     To reach the pinnacle of success by utilizing my strength & abilities to it’s best.

     To leave no stone unturned for doing my work with sincerity, dedication and honesty.


     Bachelor of Computer Engineering: June 2006 Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad India, Affiliated to Gujarat University; 60.12 percentage

     Main subjects: C/C++, Mobile computing Microprocessor, Data Structure and Algorithm, ,Software engineering

     Higher Secondary Education (12th Standard); March 2000; C.N Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad, India; Gujarat State Education Board, India; 72.33 percentage

     Secondary School Education (10th Standard); March 1998; New Era High School, Sanand, India; Gujarat State Education Board, India; 90.71 percentage


     Mobile Application for Customer Requirement Management:

    It is a mobile application for the management of mobile user request. One module of the system generates two types of data and stores it into files:

    • Received phone number
    • Users Mobile device type and Cell id
    And the other module of the program zip the file and transfer it to PC using Bluetooth connection.

    User can also transfer file as simple text file without using zip functionality.

    • Platform: Windows XP/2000, Symbian OS 6.0

    • Software: Microsoft visual studio (Visual C++)

    • Hardware: Nokia 6600 or other device with similar functionality.
    Bluetooth Sensor for connection of mobile device


     Online mobile shopping website: The Project was developed for taking online mobile order for E-transition. It was developed using Visual basic (VB) and ASP.

     Paint Brush: It was mini project developed using VB.

     An HTML Clock: A project was done using JAVA and HTML.

     E-Shopping website: It was developed for information about all the electronics instruments and devices using ASP and HTML.


     DNA Computer: It was about how human DNA can help to solve complex problems and a computer has been made using DNA, proteins, amino acids etc.

     Computer Assisted surgery (CAS): To explain how computer diagnoses the patients.

     Computer and Crime: Explains crimes which are done in the society using computer software and what can be the solution for it.


    Hardworking, Honest, Communication skill, Sincerity, Ability to work in team


    Listening Music, Reading, Making friends, Protecting environment, traveling


    Date of Birth: 13/1/1985

    Nationality: Indian

    Languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati

    Martial Status: Single[/quote]
  3. Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar Guest

    resume/MCA,BCA,Honours Dip. in Web Centric Computing NIIT


    Being given to understand by your advertisement,
    that you have opportunities for freshers in your esteemed organisation.

    This is "Sumit Kumar" presently just finished my MCA from Galgotia's College of Engg.& Tech(GCET),Greater Noida which is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Tech. University(UPTU),Lucknow and in response to the aforementioned advertisment as I posses the requisite qualification and wish to offer my candidature for the same.

    If you favour me with an appointment and in case you select me,I shall do my best to work to the entire satisfaction of my superior.

    And I am sure that I will prove an asset for your esteemed organisation.

    Yours faithfully
    Sumit Kumar.



    Home:s/o Mr. Anil Kr. Chaurasia,Rajmahal,Jharkhand,816108.
    Local :c/o Mr. R. K. Mandal,J-3/23,Khirki Ext,Malviya Nagar,
    New Delhi,India. Age: 24
    Home Phone: 06426228082
    Cell Phone: 09868706371
    E-Mail: sumit_chaurasia6@rediffmail.com





    To work in an atmosphere that helps me grow both technically and personally.
    To be engaged in projects of analysis, design and development of applications
    and acquaints me with new technologies.


    Project History

    1) CMC Limited, India, Delhi December 2005 - May 2006

    Project Entitled "E-Banking"
    Technologies used ASP.NET,C#,MS-SQL Server.
    Team Size : 6
    Description :
    Online updating of customer details. Online shopping of items, tickets, charity and paying of bills. Customer can complaint and contact us online about the different features being posted online. A 24 hrs calling service has been provided which the customers can use to contact the customer service. Online downloading of different forms for issuing ATM cards, applying for different kinds of loan, opening different kinds of accounts, bonds and insurance,online fund transfer.

    2) GCET, India, Greater Noida October 2005 - December 2005

    Project Entitled "Resource Finder"
    Technologies used ASP.Net,C#,MS-SQL Server
    Team Size:4
    The project is meant for keeping the resume of final year student of G.C.E.T, Greater Noida & G.I.M.T, Greater Noida.These details were for the catagories searching of students according to the need of various companies coming to college for campus recruitment.

    3) ABC, India, Patna February 2003 - April 2003

    Project Entitled "Theatre Information System"
    Technologies used C++,C
    Team Size:2
    This project deals with fully computerization of theatre system like ticket booking, employee details, theatre management, etc. This project gives facility to user or customer to book computerised ticket of movies. It gives facility to employee and owner to store and retrieve employee details. And it also gives facility to administrator to manage theatre system.


    Educational Profile


    Galgotia's College of Engg. & Tech,Greater Noida, M.C.A., June 2006
    MCA from Uttar Pradesh Technical University,

    Arcade Business College,Patna, B.C.A., June 2003
    BCA from Magadh University,
    Bodh Gaya.

    NIIT, HWC Diploma, August 2002
    1 Year Honours Diploma in Web Centric Computing from NIIT.

    Sahibganj College,Sahibganj, Intermediate, August 1999

    J.K. High School,Rajmahal, High School, August 1997


    Technical Expertise

    C & C++ with CGI Scripting & MySQL
    C in Dos Platform
    C in Linux Platform
    C++ in Dos Platform
    C++ in Linux Platform
    Core Java

    ASP.Net with C#

    Linux Administration
    Linux Internals
    Unix Fundamentals

    Database Design using MS-SQL Server
    Database Design using MySQL
    Database Design using Oracle


    Special Mention


    Participated in Software Contest, September 2004
    Participated in Kriti Software Contest held in Ishan College of Managment & Technology,
    Greater Noida.

    Participated in Software Exhibition, May 2003
    Participated in Software Exhibition held in Arcade Business College,




    Certificate for Industrial Training from CMC Ltd.,New Delhi in the project "E-Banking", May 2006
    Industrial Training from CMC Ltd.,New Delhi in the Project "E-Banking".

    Certificate of Participation in Kriti Software Contest, September 2004
    Kriti Software Contest held in Ishan College of Managment & Technology,
    Greater Noida.

    Certificate of Participation in Software Exhibition , May 2003
    Software Exhibition held in Arcade Business College,

  4. shiyam

    shiyam Guest

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My Resume


    House No 440, Sector 15-A, Chandigarh -160015
    Phone No: +919317722800
    E-Mail: aman_moudgil3000@yahoo.com
    Website: http://moudi3k.up.to
    Summary: A job with opportunity for personal and professional expansion
    ? Schooling from St. Francis De Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi.
    ? B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (2003-2007)
    ? Currently aggregating 75.2%.
    ? Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh (Panjab University). Degree Expected May 2007
    Experience STPI (Software Technology Park of India), Noida Summer 2004

    Software Engineer (Trainee)
    Developed Database Management Software (DBMS) for the Human Resources Management Department. The key features of the software are:
    ? Managing the records of the Infrastructure Service Providers (Like the Name of the ISP, Annual Revenue generated by the ISP, etc).
    ? Generates the Annual Progress Report for STPI detailing about the various ISPs controlled.
    ? Incorporates several important features like email/Fax facility, converting the Access MDB to an Excel-sheet, Printing Individual/Multiple Records, etc.
    ? The database is secured and requires username and password for accessing it.

    Global C Pvt. Ltd
    Winter 2005

    Software Engineer(Part-time)
    Developed Structure Design Software Package for the Structural Department of Global C Pvt. Ltd. The Key features of the Software Package are:
    ? Includes “Beam Design Software” for designing Beams of various Buildings, etc.
    ? “Slab Design Software”- To Design Slabs for various Buildings.
    ? Basic Vaastu Analysis Software capable of analyzing the Plus as well as the Negative points in a Plan.

    IBM-India Ltd.
    Summer 2006
    Was a part of the TAXNET project (DIT India).The scope of the project is to setup an INTRANET among all the sites of Income Tax Department across India.I was made to co-ordinate the following work at two of the sites in Delhi:
    ? Getting all the pending works at Mayur Bhawan ad Vikas Bhawan completed.
    ? Configuring the Routers (CISCO 3845) and Switches (CISCO 3750) in both the sites.
    ? It was a paid internship and I was paid a stipend for the entire duration of the programme.
    Projects Individual Projects undertaken at University during course study 2002-2005

    1. A part of the “Glofice – Project Planning Software” Development Team.
    2. A unique CRC File integrity-checking algorithm.
    3. Developed a Beam and Column design software for Global C Pvt. Ltd.
    4. GUI mathematical modeling software for design of turbines in Hydropower projects.
    5. A replica of MS Word processor.
    6. Developed a picture cum video viewer for Windows platform.
    7. Gaming: Windows based monopoly game
    8. Developing a Virus Scanner (The software easily cleans - Antimit.770, W/32 SOBIG, COM and Bat2Exec viruses).
    9. Developed a Hard disk Bomber to study the mechanism of attacks of such destructive hard disk destroyers.
    10. Some experience in Web Development. Have gained some experience while hosting Personal websites (http://moudi3k.up.to, http://a3k.up.to).
    1. “Intelligent Transport Systems: Role of Sensors in Traffic Management”, Euro Working Group on Transportation 2006 (EGWT 2006), Technical University of Bari, Italy.
    2. “WiMAX: A solution to India’s Digital Divide”, CSI-Mumbai.
    3. “Overview of the Embedded Operating Systems”, CSI-Mumbai.
    4. “Challenges before e-Passports”, IETE-Delhi –in pipeline.
    5. “Intelligent Highway Systems: Road to a better tomorrow”, IISc-Bangalore –in pipeline.
    6. “Security and Privacy Issues In Mobile Agent Systems: A detailed Analysis”, IISc-Bangalore –in pipeline.
    7. “New Frontiers in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)”, IETE-Delhi –in pipeline.
    Experienced with

    Certifications: VB.NET, XML (NIIT Delhi).
    Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic 5.0,Python 2.0.2, Fox Pro Ver 2.5, Visual Fox Pro Ver 7.0, .Net (VB.Net, ASP.NET, and XML), and Microsoft Interdeveloper 5.0.
    Authoring / Web Designing: Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, MS FrontPage 2000, MS-Office 2003 edition, Jasc Paintshop Pro 7.0
    Computer aided designing: Auto CAD 2005, Bryce 3D
    Project management: Primavera
    Miscellaneous: Nero Audio Editing Software, Raster to Vector, Bryce 3D,DJ Toolkit Pro
    Virus-Detection And Cleaning Methodologies: Developed programs to find and clean viruses like: Antimit.770, W/32 SOBIG, COM, Bat2Exec
    1. Recipient of Engineers India Limited (EIL) Employees Scholarship for excellence in academics.
    2. Recipient of “Half-Feeship” (University Scholarship) for securing position among the top 10% of the Department.
    3. 1st position in the Inter-House Quiz and Inter-Class Science Quizzes during the years 1997 and 2000 respectively at St. Francis De Sales School.
    4. Secured the 3rd position (Bronze Medal) in the 4´100m-relay race at the school athletic meet 1996.
    5. Represented school in the Discovery Channel Quiz (North Zone) held at IIT Delhi (1998).
    6. Recipient of the “General Proficiency Award” in School for excellence in sports and academics.
    7. Secured 4th Place in the All Delhi English Essay Writing Competition (West Zone).
    1. Worked as a Part time Software Developer for Global C Pvt. Ltd.
    2. Working as a Software Developer with www.RentaCoder.com.
    3. Chief Designer of College IT Magazine – “THE IT CONJUROR” for Nov 2004-May 2005.
    4. Started CCET online yahoo group. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ccet)
    5. Technical Committee member (Corresponding) of the IEEE-Computer Society.
    6. Student Member of ISTE and IETE.
    7. Member of IT club (CCET Chandigarh).
    8. Member of Student leadership Squad SLS - Prefect during the year 1994-1995 at school.
    9. Proficient in Karate (Green Belt holder – Shitoriu Karate Do); represented school in numerous competitions.
    10. Expert Kite Flier – Won the Baisakhi Annual Kite flying championships held at Jalandhar.
    1. Drawing, Cartooning
    2. Community Teaching: Helped 4 children from Delhi slums to read and write. Also taught them basic mathematics and science.
    3. A regular fund raising volunteer for HelpAge India.
    4. Private tuitions to Economically Weaker Students.
    5. Cricket, Kite Flying, Table Tennis, Listening Music on my MP3 Player.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pinky Verma


    Pinky Verma Present Address:
    pinkyverma001@gmail.com F-171 Main Market,
    Mob: (91) 9891141360 Laksmi Nagar, New


    To achieve high career growth continuous learning process & keep my self
    dynamic visionary & competitive with changing scenarios of business for
    becoming a successful computer professional.


    (1) Hotel Management System
    Institute of Management & Research, Ghaziabad
    Project Description and Role:
    During MCA, I have done a project “Hotel Management System” in Institute of Management and Research, Ghaziabad for the period of 3 months. Visual Basic 6.0 was used as Front-End and MS-Access was used as Back-end in that project.
    Role: Actively involved in Requirement gathering, Designing and of
    Documentation of Software Modules.

    (2) Passport.com
    Institute of Management & Research, Ghaziabad
    Project Description and Role:
    During MCA, I have done a project “passport.com” in Institute of Management and Research, Ghaziabad for the period of 3 months. ASP.Net was used as Front-End and SQL Server2000 was used as Back-end in that project.
    Role: Actively involved in Requirement gathering, Designing and of coding of
    Software Modules.

    (3) Office Management
    Institute of Management & Research, Ghaziabad
    Project Description and Role:
    During MCA, I have done a project “Office Management” in TT.Tech Orgnization, Noida for the period of 6 months. ASP.Net was used as Front-End and SQL Server2000 was used as Back-end in that project.
    Role: Actively involved in Requirement gathering, Designing and of coding of
    Software Modules.


     Database Known: Oracle 8i, SQL Server, MS-Access
     Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP, MS-Dos
     Language Known: C, C++
     Web- Technology: HTML
     .NET Framework: ASP .NET, ADO .NET, C#
     GUI Tools: Visual Studio 6.0
     SEO


     Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) from Institute of Management
    & Research, affiliated to Utter Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, with
    74% in 2007 Batch
     COPA (Computer Operator Programming Assistant I.T.I from Tomorrow Institute Kanpur Affiliated to NCVT, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India in 2003-04
     B.Sc. (Math) from Kanpur University in 2003.
     10+2 from U.P. Board in 2000.
     High School from U.P. Board in 1998.


     Good communicational
     Confident and Consistent in producing results
     Having good planning and problem solving skills


    Father’s Name : Mr. R.K Verma
    Date of Birth : 02nd July 1984
    Permanent Address : H.No. 11/12 Deviganze AirForce Chakeri
    Harjindra Nagar, Kanpur-208007

    Place: New Delhi (Pinky Verma)

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