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  1. Convergys papers consists of 5 sections
    1) VERBAL(20Q) (20 mins) - long passage with blanks numbered 1 - 20.4 options for each and every row.
    5)C++ Programming

    This is the paragraph which excatly we got.Got this one in google search.
    NEW YORK -- Some questions even stump Stephen Hawking.

    The famed British astrophysicist and bestselling author has turned to Yahoo Answers, a new feature in which anyone can pose a question for fellow internet users to try to answer. By Friday afternoon, nearly 17,000 Yahoo users had responded.

    Hawking's question: "In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"
    Some of the answers were short -- "get rid of nuclear weapons" -- and others vague -- "Somehow we will." Many were doubtful: "I don't think it is possible unless we expand into space," one user wrote.

    A number of people suggested thinking differently, ending bickering or fostering cooperation.
    Officials at the University of Cambridge, where Hawking is a mathematics professor, confirmed that Hawking wrote the message but said he would have no further comment.

    Hawking's groundbreaking research on black holes and the origins of the universe has made him one of the best-known theoretical physicists of his generation. Author of the global best seller A Brief History of Time, Hawking is known for proposing that space and time have no beginning and no end.

    Lately, he's been pondering about the fate of humans. In a June 13 speech in Hong Kong, Hawking said the survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe because there's an increasing risk that a disaster will destroy Earth.

    He said that if humans can avoid killing themselves in the next 100 years, they should have space settlements that can continue without support from Earth.

    Hawking is one of 10 celebrity questioners Yahoo solicited as part of its "Ask the Planet" campaign.

    The Sunnyvale, California, internet company spent weeks trying to track Hawking down but got his participation within a day of reaching the correct assistant, said Patrick Crane, vice president of marketing for Yahoo Search.

    The question was submitted a few days before the Hong Kong speech and posted this past Wednesday.

    Over the next week, Yahoo employees are expected to work with Hawking to sift through the answers and select one or several to highlight as best responses.

    Yahoo Answers, like an offering from Google and one planned by Microsoft, is among the services aimed at tapping the collective intelligence. It's based on the premise that humans as a group can do a better job at finding information than machines or any single person can.

    Anyone can ask or answer a question, regardless of expertise, although Yahoo will eventually implement a rating system meant to elevate users with better reputations, based on their past questions and answers.

    First 10ques are based on venn diagrams lil bit easy .Then next puzzle test question he asked some around 4 on that.

    Is PQR a isosceles traingle?----he gave some two statements we need to choose that whether 1st stt is euf or 2nd one enuf or both are required to get solution or we cant get solution by using both satements.These kind of questions ge asked some around 8.someof them are....

    a)1st Statement alone will give result.
    b)2nd Statement alone will give result.
    c)1st n 2nd Statement both will give result.
    d)Results can not be obtained

    -->Find the value of b.a n b are non negatiove numbers
    1)2a-b is divisible by five
    -->PQRS is a Quadrilateral.reactagle is drawn(Not excatly but these kind of ques)

    1)PS n QR having positive slope
    2)PQ n RS Having positive.
    -->find value of Y?Y is non negative integer.


    -->tank was filled up to 1/3 after that again it was filled with 3 Lts of water now the tank is 1/2 filled.wat is the capacity of Tank?(Gave 4 Options)
    -->A Person painting on a glass board which is of 3:2 ratio.the smaller side size is of 15 inches.wat is total size of board?
    -->one question on permutations
    -->from 1 to 100 how amny numbers are diovisible by 4 and should contain 4 in the divisible number?
    1)6 2)7 3)9 4)10
    Ans)4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32, 36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,68,72,76,80,84,88,92,96,100 - these r the nums divisible by 4 n the number wich contain 4 digit are 4,24,40,44,48,64,84.
    ->>A Prob on Cubes....4*4*4 cubles is there and a smaller cuble of 64 blocks are joined togeather.......(i didnt remember excatly the questions it was very big he said we need to remove the middle 4 blocks and paint it with red some thing lik that it was a lil bit tough)

    1) ____________ acts as command interpreter
    2)S# is used for _________?
    2 r 3 programs he asked.

    -->some query is given which join is used in this query?
    -->Two or Three questions on NORMAILZATION.
    -->Modify is union of ______a)INSERT and UPDATE b)UPDATE and DELETE 3)SELECT and DELETE 4)UPDATE and TRUNC
    -->Some defintion is given and options as??a)Priamry Key b)Candidate key c)Foriegn Key
    -->some question on ODBC.

    -->He gave some around 5 programs
    -->2 programs are based on inheritance.
    -->some are based on theory a lil bit easy.
    Time maintaing is the important.


    English --------à20Questions ---à20 M

    They given a passage regarding the Yahoo Answers. In this Passage An Astrnologist is in New York. He rises some questions in the Internet regarding this world. They gives fill in the balnks . There are four words are given ,they almost similar to each other. Find appropriate word and put the blanks. These are objective type.


    Aptitude ----à45 Questions---à 48 M

    In this sections they are ask questions on

    1.Venn Diagrams



    4.Cube coloring problems.

    5. Number Series

    6.Data Suffiency Questions

    7.Another easy one is

    0 is represented as * and 1 is represented as $ .

    For ex 3 is represented as $$

    4 is respresented as $**

    They asked me these questions

    1. what is the value of $$***/$$* ?
    2. what is the value of $*** * $$ ?
    3. what is the H.C.F of 15,20,30 ?
    4. what is the L.C.M of 15,20,30 ?
    Hint: Convert the result of H.C.F value into binary form and changes it into $ and * format.

    For example in the Venn diagrams section

    1) There are 620 people are attending to the Tennis and Cricket . In that 420 attending to the Tennis another 360 attending to the Cricket .Ho many of them attending to the both the games.(This is an not exactly the same question . Like these there are 5questions are asked .)

    1.july,june,april,January what is the next one in the sequence.?
    a)august b)october c)september d)November


    In this part questions like this

    1.) if A+B>C+D

    1. if A=2,B=3,C=5 are given.
    2. If A
    a) 1 b)2 c)3 d)4.

    2) is ABC is an Isolises Triangle they given altitude and angle.

    3)if X is given and Y is given.

    Section 3: UNIX ------------à10Q ----à10 M

    1 . i=0

    While($i –le 10)




    a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3

    echo hello

    eval echo hello

    eval echo eval echo hello

    ans: hello



    Test Ur UNIX Skills is enough to answer all these questions. (author:Yaswanth Kanethkar).

    Section 4: RDBMS, SQL------à10Q-----à10 M

    Questions on

    1. Normalisation
    2. Keys in SQL
    1. MERGE is a combination of



    Follow the Navathe Book on Data Base programming Concepts.(First Three Chapters Important.)

    Section 5: XZC++ Programming:------à15Q -------10 M

    In this Qusetions on

    1.Pointer Classes in Cpp

    2.virtual functions in cpp



    1.Class Base


    Base( )





    Class Derived: public Base


    Derived( )





    void main( )


    Derived d;


    a)base b)base derived c)derived d)derived base.

    Here in this section asked on easy questions on c++ basics.

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