Cambridge Judge Business school Interview

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    Cambridge Judge Business school Interview

    Just finished my Cambridge Interview yesterday. Apart from the regular questions some of the Qs were
    1) If you had not done a vocational(engineering) course what sort of a different person would U be.
    2) Questions on where I have lived thoughtout my life.
    3) surprisingly a question on where my dad was living and what he worked and how often I visited him.
    4) Reasons for my choices of the courses I am applying to.
    5) Pointed out that I dont have people management experience. Sow hat sort of manager would I make
    6) What would my batch mates write in my address book at the ned of the course,i.e their future predictions for me.
    7) What will be my greatest strength in the class.
    What will be my weakest point during the class discusions.
    9) Questions about my work and reason for leaving the jobs and stuff I had written about in the application form.

    There were other Qs which I dodnt remeber and please dont ask me any answers(I have no idea what all I said)


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