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    C-DOT Solved Question Paper

    Technical Questions

    1.Some protocols are considered to be technically non-routable.Which of the following statements best describes the most common reason why a protocol would be considered non-routable

    a.It does not contain the appropriate Data Link layer information required by routers.
    b.It uses advanced Transport layer services to move across the Internet and avoids the routing overhead required by the more primitive networking protocols.
    c.It defines Physical layer network addresses for internal routing.
    d.It does not specify the Network layer addresses required by routers.
    Answer: d

    2.What is the binary network ID of the loopback IP address

    3.You are configuring a router.According to the manual, you will need a transceiver to connect to the LAN ports of the router.What kind of physical interface does the router have


    4.Which of the following OSI layers is responsible for identifying communications partners

    Answer: a

    5.Which of the following network topologies have each computer connected to a central point?


    6.Round robin scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of ________.
    b.Shortest job first
    c.Shortes remaining
    d.Longest time first

    7.What is the memory from 1K - 640K called ?
    a.Extended Memory
    b.Normal Memory
    c.Low Memory
    d.Conventional Memory

    8.Virtual memory is __________.
    a.An extremely large main memory
    b.An extremely large secondary memory
    c.An illusion of extremely large main memory
    d.A type of memory used in super computers.

    9.The problem of thrashing is effected scientifically by ________.
    a.Program structure
    b.Program size
    c.Primary storage size
    d.None of the above

    10._________ is the situation in which a process is waiting on another process,which is also waiting on another process ... which is waiting on the first process. None of the processes involved in this circular wait are making progress.
    d.None of the above

    11.Find the output of the following program
    void main()
    int a, *pa, &ra;
    pa = &a;
    ra = a;
    cout <<"a="<<<"*pa="<<*pa <<" ra"<}
    <<"*pa="<<*pa <<" ra"<
    Answer :Compiler Error: 'ra',reference must be initialized
    <<"*pa="<<*pa <<" ra"<
    Explanation :pointers are different from references. One of the main differences is that the pointers can be both initialized and assigned, whereas references can only be initialized. So this code issues an error

    12.NULL Pointer can be used as
    a. To stop indirection in a recursive data structure
    b. As an error value
    c. As a sentinel Value
    d. All of Above

    13.What will the output of following code
    int x = 10, y = 15;
    x = x++;
    y = ++y;
    printf(“%d, %d \n”, x, y);
    a. 10, 15
    b. 10, 16
    c. 11, 16
    d. 11, 15

    14.Which one of the following is not the advantages of functions?
    a. Debugging is easier
    b. Testing is easier
    c. Recursive call is possible
    d. It consumes low disk space

    15.Which of the following is/are storage class
    a. Automatic
    b. Static
    c. Allocated
    d. All of Above
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    Technical Questions

    1.Shell is the exclusive feature of
    (A) UNIX
    (B) DOS
    (C) System software
    (D) Application software
    Ans: (A)

    2.A UNIX device driver is
    (A) Structured into two halves called top half and bottom half
    (B) Three equal partitions
    (C) Unstructured
    (D) None of the above
    Ans: (A)

    3.A one-to-sixteen demultiplexer requires
    (A) 2 select input lines.
    (B) 3 select input lines.
    (C) 8 select input lines.
    (D) 4 select input lines.
    Ans: D

    4.In an analog multiplier, if both the inputs are positive or negative then the multiplier is said
    to be
    (A) a two quadrant multiplier.
    (B) a one quadrant multiplier.
    (C) a four quadrant multiplier.
    (D) a three quadrant multiplier.
    Ans: C

    5.The conversion time of a dual-slope ADC is typically in the range of
    (A) 5 to 10 ns.
    (B) 10 to 100 ns.
    (C) 100 to 200 ns.
    (D) 2 to 3 ns.
    Ans: C

    6.Which command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order
    (D)sort -r
    (E)None of the above

    7.Which of the following command addresses all users who are currently hooked on?
    (E)None of the above
    Ans: C

    8.What command is used to count the total number of lines, words, and characters contained in a file?
    (D)count p
    (E)None of the above
    Ans: C

    9.Which of the following command is used to access an SMB share on a Linux system?
    (E)None of the above
    Ans: C

    10.What command is used to list contents of directories?
    (E)None of the above
    Ans: D

    11.A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the
    (C)Operating system
    Ans: C

    12.The O/P of Half adder is in the form of.
    (A) Sum
    (B) carry
    (C) sum & carry
    (D) none of these
    Ans: C

    13.The full adder CKT adds. ………Digit at a time
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) 4
    Ans: C

    14.A file is corrected immediately after the input of a transaction.This is an example of
    (A) sorting
    (C)on-line updating
    (D) off-line updating
    Ans: C

    15.WAN hardware includes
    (A)Multiplexors and routers
    (C)Bridger and modems
    (D)None of the above
    Ans: A

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