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    Bpcl chemical engg questions BPCL kochi refinary

    Q.1) Educational Background-How many years does a chemical engineer need to study in university before becoming a chemical engineer?

    A. bachelors degree.
    B. 5 years
    C. a chemical engineer need about fourteen years of study's before becoming a engineer.
    D. 4 years
    E. all of the above.
    Q.2) Salary- in 2007 Alberta had a wage and salary survey. from the results of the survey a chemical engineer can make up to how much dollars a year?

    A. $101,000
    B. $156,000
    C. depends on his/her education.
    D. $191,000
    E. $190,000
    Q.3) Job Description- what does a chemical engineer manage?

    A. chemicals, biochemicals, pharmaceutical materials and processing plants.
    B. tools for measuring pressure.
    C. Determines the most effective process for chemical products.
    D. all of the above
    E. only a abd b
    Q.4) working conditions- does the chemical engineer get called after hours?

    A. lol what no!
    B. yes obviously
    C. no a chemical engineer's work to hard for that to happen
    D. non of the above.
    E. b and d
    Q.5) working conditions- does a chemical engineer ever come in contact with hazardous products?

    A. yes always come on there chemical engineers!!!
    B. no never..."what you talking about #!@#!?"
    C. those who work in production may come in contact with hazardous products.
    D. non of the above.
    E. all of the above.
    Q.6) daily basis- does a chemical engineer ever work with the computer?

    A. no never.
    B. while drawing reports.
    C. yes always
    D. B) and C) only
    E. non of the above.
    Q.7) Duties- why do chemical engineer test products before putting them out for sale?

    A. so the products doesn't hurt animals.
    B. the manufacturing process may affect the environment and the safer of workers and consumers.
    C. they don't test them........
    D. all of the above.
    E. non of the above
    Q.8) what 2 university's did i mention that had the chemical engineers course in my presentation?

    A. University of Toronto and University of Alberta.
    B. University of Alberta and the University of Edmonton
    C. University of Alberta and the University of Calgary.
    D. University of Edmonton and University of Waterloo
    E. a and d
    Q.9) What is the minimum degree to become a Chemical engineer?

    A. masters.
    B. bachelors.
    C. 4 years degree.
    D. license for a degree.
    E. all of the above
    Q.10) University of Alberta is located in what major city?

    A. Toronto
    B. Halifax
    C. Calgary
    D. Edmonton

    1. Dissolving salt in water is an example of which type of change ?





    2. When nuclear change takes place, which is true

    Energy is destroyed

    Energy is released

    Energy is changed

    None of these

    The answer is Energy is released

    3. Which type of radiation is unaffected by magnetism ?




    All of these

    4. Which temperature scale is an absolute scale, where the zero point is the lowest possible temperature ?





    5. The relative randomness of molecules in the states of matter is best indicated by

    Solid > Liquids > Gas

    Liquid > Gas > Solid

    Liquid > Solid > Gas

    Gas > Liquid > SolidAns

    6. Whether or not two liquids are miscible is determined by

    Molecular Size : Molecules of similar sizes tend to mix together

    Density : Liquids of simliar densities usually mix well together

    Polarity : Polar and nonpolar liquids are not miscible while polar liquids can usually be mixed with each other Ans

    All of the above factors directly affect miscibility

    7. The Triple Point is

    The combination of standard temperature, pressure and volume

    The combination of temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid and gas phases can coexist at equilibrium

    The combination of pressure and temperature at which liquid, gas, and plasma phases all exist in equilibrium

    The combination of temperature and pressure at which liquids and gases cannot be distinguished from each other

    8. If the work done by a force depends only on the initial and final stages and not on the path taken, then this type of force will be

    Conservative Force

    Non-conservative Force

    Conservative as well as Non-conservative force

    None of these

    9. Working between which pair of following temperatures, the efficiency of a carnot engine will be maximum ?

    10 Degrees F and 10 Degress R

    10 Degrees F and 10 Degress C

    10 Degrees R and 10 Degress C

    It will be same in all the above cases

    10. Dacron is a





    11. Which of the following has the highest stable atom ?





    12. In Friedel-Crafts reaction, AlCl3 acts as a

    Lewis Acid

    Lewis Base



    13. The number of unpaired electrons in [Ni(CO)4] is





    14. Iodoethane reacts with sodium to form





    15. An ideal gas has maximum density at

    1 atm, 300 K

    2 atm, 150 K

    0.5 atm, 600 K

    1 atm, 500 K

    16. Which of the following metals is present in brass, bronze and german silver ?

    Defence Mechanism

    Hydrolysis of ATP

    Trifling of Contraction

    Generating right electrical potential across cell membrane

    17. First ionization potential is ___________ second ionization potential.

    Less than

    More than

    Equal to

    None of these

    18. n-propyl benzene is best prepared by

    Friedel-Crafts Reaction

    Wurtz Reaction

    Wurtz-Fitting Reaction

    Grignard Reaction

    19. Chloroform is slowly oxidized by air to

    Formly Chloride

    Carbonyl Chloride

    Trichloroacetic Acid

    Formic Acide

    20. Electrophoresis is

    Movement of colloidal particle under the influence of electric field

    Movement of colloidal particle under the influence of magnetic field

    Movement of colloidal particle in zig-zag fashion

    Scattering of light by colloidal particles

    21. Rosenmund's reduction of an acyl chloride gives





    22. Pyrophosphoric acid is





    23. Which of the following is an example of a mathematical model ?

    Area of a circle = PI x Radius^2

    Volume of a cube = Length^3

    Force = Mass x Acceleration

    All of the above

    24. The specific activity of an enzyme is relatively constant between pH 3-8. If the enzyme activity at pH 7.0 is to be modeled, which of the following would be a reasonable simplifying assumption ?

    Specific activity is not dependent on temperature

    Specific activity is not dependent on substrate concentration

    Specific activity is not dependent on pH

    All of the above

    25. The bioreactor which is most commonly used in industry is the

    Batch Fermenter

    Fed Batch Fermenter

    Continous Fermenter

    Batch Continous Fermenter

    26. Which of the following is correct with regards to microbial growth ?

    Cells are autocatalysts and thus the rate of increase in biomass (dX/dt) keeps changing

    Many factors affect cell growth

    The rate of increase in biomass concentration is not constant during a fermentation

    All of the above are correct

    27. During a batch fermentation, when would the specific growth rate be lowest ?

    During exponential phase

    During the lag and stationary phase

    When cells are growing at their fastest rate

    Throughout the fermentation

    28. Which of the following describes a limitation of the exponential growth model ?

    Biomass growth is assumed to be not linked to the availability of nutrients or substrates

    It does not predict when cell growth will cease

    It predicts that all types of cells under all conditions will grow exponentially

    All of the above are correct

    29. In large scale bioreactors, dissolved oxygen levels are often so low that they restrict the rate of cell growth. In this case

    Dissolved oxygen would be the growth limiting nutrient

    The nitrogen source would be the growth limiting nutrient

    The carbon source would be the growth limiting nutrient

    Dissolved oxygen levels would not be the growth limiting nutrient

    30. Which of the following is not correct ?

    The Monod model is an empirical correlation

    The Michaelis Menten model is a mechanistic model

    The Monod model was derived from a study of the mechanism of microbial growth

    The Michaelis Menten model was derived from a study of the mechanism of enzyme action

    31. The technique of Nick Translation was developed by

    Rigby and Paul Berg


    Roderick and Rigby

    None of them

    32. Which technique allows knowing the status in the interphase ?

    Hybridization Microarray


    Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

    Pedigree Analysis

    33. _________ observed that protein sequences undergo variation during evolution according to certain patterns



    Margaret Dayoff

    All of them

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