Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) Admission 2013

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    Department of Biotechnology
    Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India & Biotechnology
    Industry Research Assistance Council
    (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
    Website: BIRAC
    Admission Notice 2013

    Programme: Regular Call for Proposals under BIPP- 29th Batch
    About BIPP: Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is a Govt. Partnership Programme with industry for support on a cost sharing basis targeted at development of novel and high risk futuristic technologies mainly for viability gap funding and enhancing existing R&D capacities of Start-ups and SMEs in key areas of national importance and public good
    DBT is operating this scheme through BIRAC, a Not-for-Profit Public Sector Undertaking set up by Department of Biotechnology to promote and nurture innovation research in Biotech Enterprises specially Start-ups and SMEs
    Major thrust of the programme is towards funding technologies which address a major national problem and/or involves high level of innovation
    The proposals spanning across the spectrum of pre-proof-of-concept to validation of estd technologies are considered for support in the form of grant and/or loan
    Features of the Programme:
    BIPP supports: Large, medium, small scale companies as well as start-ups on cost sharing basis/High risk, discovery linked innovation/Accelerated technology development; Evaluation and validation of biotech products/Indigenous discovery, innovation and technology to products/Products of national relevance or public benefit
    Support is also available for infrastructure/ facility set up/In cases where such a facility leads to R&D capacity building or is required for scale up of an innovative product/process of national importance developed through company’s in-house R&D
    Who Can Apply?
    A single or consortia of Indian companies - Small, Medium or Large having DSIR* recognized in-house R&D units, alone or in collaboration with a partner from another Company/University/Institute/Organization
    An Indian Company is defined as one which is registered under “The Indian Companies Act 1956” and in which 51% (or more) of the ownership is held by Indian citizens
    *Companies in the process of obtaining DSIR recognition may also apply along with the proof of application to DSIR
    However, the final decision on such applications would be subject to their getting DSIR recognition
    How to Apply
    Proposals are required to be submitted online only
    To submit a proposal online, please log on to the BIRAC website BIRAC
    No Hard Copy to be submitted
    Proposals submitted online only would be considered
    Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is the BIPP Management Agency (BMA) and will ensure maintenance of strict confidentiality of the proposals as per BIRAC norms
    Important link: BIRAC
    For any queries, please contact: Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan, Programme Officer -BIPP, BIRAC Scientist C, Dept. of Biotechnology email:;;
    Announcement Date: 15th October, 2013
    Last date for Submission of Proposals under Regular Call: 30th November, 2013

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