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    MBA which is mandatory today for any professional job was a dream quite a few years back for the students of our state especially North India.
    The main hubs were Dehradun, Srinagar, Roorkee.

    We saw that many of the colleges opened in recent years which said that they are a true business school and yes they gave their best while studies were concerned but when it came to placements then not many of them stand to their words but yes some did.

    I came across a Business school namely IIPM, Indian institute of planning and Management, people said that they are not recognized, I also thought the same but one of my friends said that IIPM is a very good college when it comes to placements . I again enquired and what i found was that really they have the potent, this college is more than 35 yrs old.
    The alumni of IIPM are working in Top companies like Oracle, Watercoopers, KPMG, TCS, Infosys and that too at very senior positions now the groups like 360 degrees, times coaching who only survive on comissions from other business schools sound fake to me.

    As per Dehradun is concerned, its one of the most beautiful cities in India.
    with perfect climate in the lap of Himalayas and IIPM had opened their campus in dehradun.
    I would advice all of my friends and the persons to decide on the basis of reality before taking admissions that "What is the Truth"?
    I am not saying that it is the best college in India but yes it is one of the best colleges in Indian subcontinent.
    I believe in truth and so Im writing my thought,If you want to survive in todays economy then you must have the caliber to challenge and survive in that challenge.

    The perfect placement makes IIPM the perfect place to study..
    Al the best for your future.
    please let me know for any queries...

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