Artificial Intelligence in Home Electrcity

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Guest, Aug 20, 2008.

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    I want make a project in home wiring circuits with a little advance version. This project is for a home built in an Indian village where power cuts and power variations take place often. In this project there are fours Electrical sources
    1) 3 Phase Electricity supplied by Electricity Board (PRIMARY SOURCE)
    2) High Amperage electrical generator taking the complete load (SECONDARY SOURCE)
    3) Solar Electrical Panel taking the essential load (EMERGENCY)
    4) An Invertor taking the essential load (EMERGENCY)

    I'm designing a circuit with two BUSBAR called
    1) NORMAL BUSBAR (Complete wiring is connected to this BUSBAR)
    2) ESSENTIAL BUSBAR (Only limited low amperage items such as a light holder in each room a fan in each room a refrigerator are few connected to this BUSBAR)

    Now I need a switching device which automatically controls the complete switching purpose depending on the prevailing condition such as power failure, low voltage, Automatic switching of Solar Electricity when the load is minimum thus making economical, SECONDARY SOURCE should be completely manual operated. There are various other conditions too to satisfy when it comes to shape.

    Can anyone guide me where and how to make a complete wiring solution for the above project with the use of Artificial intelligence and automated electrical equipments to make a complete fool proof wiring circuit.
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    u can use Relay with auxiliary contacts and some sensors and timers to complete your project but take care of ampere it should not exeed to relay capacity for automatic purpose there are some elcectronics devices are also coming you can too use them it is very

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