An MBA in Recession time: Does it make sense?

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    An MBA in Recession time: Does it make sense?

    An International MBA is an important decision for most students not only because it involves a substantial investment of money and time, but also because it is important for making a career change for some people. For others, it is a route to making an international career while for others it is simply to seek a good alumni network.

    How effective an MBA is, in meeting these end objectives, is clearly a function of what kind of program you enroll into.

    In good times, it did not matter much, which B-school you went to, but in bad times like these, every decision can become important. Shorter programs have suddenly gained relevance. In some cases, students have begun to opt for lower cost programs at lesser known B-schools or even seek out specialized programs.

    Should one undertake an MBA in such an environment then? While these are good times for a sabbatical, admission in B-Schools are also becoming difficult thanks to the deluge of aspirants in the current environment.

    Aspirants with I-T related backgrounds face this problem more than others thanks to the increasing number of former software/hardware engineers who are on the bench these days.

    One solution that is often used by students is to increase their number of applications so as to make sure that they are able to get into some school or another. This is not a right move and often works to an applicants disadvantage because he/she is unable to justify to each school why they would want to enroll for their respective program.

    Others choose to apply to lower ranked schools than they should be applying to, simply because the number of applications to every school has increased.

    Seeking advice can solve a lot of these problems. Talking to students and alumni from your chosen school, local representatives of overseas institutions and doing extensive research on the Internet can be a fruitful exercise in helping you making your shortlist.

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