Alternatives to the MBA?

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    The MBA has spawned or influenced other programs, many devised because of a perceived gap in the market. Most obvious is the 'Executive MBA' - a typically shorter, more intensive advancement course for senior managers who, lacking tertiary academic qualifications or other prerequisites, would normally be excluded from an MBA. Cynics refer to it as an MBA for those with little time and lots of money, while proponents see it as a niche program for senior managers who already know many of the things taught in MBAs but who can profit from some time out and a chance to interact with peers.

    There are a number of other programs for managers, most at the masters level, including the Master of Management (MMngt), and Master of Technology (MTech) in various guises, aimed at people from or wanting to work in engineering, manufacturing and similar industries. Others, such as the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI), are designed for people who intend to start new, innovative businesses or play a leading role in an innovative unit of an established organisation.
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    Yes as you said there are many other options then M.B.A. I had also heard about Master's of E-business which is a combination of M.B.A +IT and it is very interesting course. As per my knowledge it is very growing concept.
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    I'm currently studying a undergrad and i want to pursue an MBA degree, however i've heard that countries like U.S.A, Canada and Australia needs work experience for MBA. I don't have any work experience.
    So here are my questions:
    1. What are the alternatives to an MBA and does those degrees have any market value in countries like U.S.A, Canada and Australia so that i can get a good job?
    2.If to do an MBA work experience is required then there's no point in doing a GMAT now, should i study for general GRE then?
    3. Are there good business schools in the above mentioned countries which allow international students to study for MBA without a work experience or GMAT scores, if so which schools are they? Do they also give scholarships or offer Co Op programs?

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