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  1. Section -1

    1) Wap to reverse a linked list and sort the same.

    2) Given two integers A & B. Determine how many bits required to convert A to B.

    Write a function int BitSwapReqd(int A, int B);

    3) Write an algorithm to insert a node into sorted linked list.After inserting,

    the list must be sorted.

    4) Without using /,% and * operators. write a function to divide a number by 3.

    itoa() function is available.

    5) Wap to swap two integer pointers.

    6)Write a funcn int round(float x) to round off a floating point num to int.

    7) write an ALP to find sum of First n natural numbers using the following

    Instructions LDA num ; load Accumulator with num

    DCR R ; decrement Register R
    INR R ; increment Register R
    MOV x,y ; move the contents of register y into register x
    JZ label ; jump to label if A=0
    DJNZ label; Decrement & Jump if A <> 0
    you can use B & C registers in addition to A register Cool prove that a tree is

    BST.what is height of a tree?

    9) Given A,B & C Boolean polynomials.Prove That (A+BC)=(A+B)(A+C)

    Section - 2

    There Were four section:

    1. Aptitude: They had fairly simple arithmatic question, questions on geometry and

    questions like whether information can be deduced from the comments given. It was

    fairly easy and jst u need to have basic clear.

    2. Analytical: Questions like pattern matching, odd one out were there. Be careful

    while attempting these two sections that u wont be having much time. Before u know

    the time is over.

    3. Computers: This paper is mostly from the topics u cover in B.Tech. there was

    one question on finite automata,Bit manipultaion(flipping the bits), drawing the

    tree given preorder and inorder traversal, finding the formula for N-ary tree to

    fine number of external nodes.

    4. C/Java: Here u had to write C programs(Mind u no mutiple questions).There was

    one question to write program to search a string from bigger string, write a

    algorithm to compute X^n which is of complextity log n, implement atoi function.(U

    cannot use any standard function in these.)


    1. what percentage of total mass does liver has
    Ans 2.4%

    What is the ratio of bones to total mass

    All the questions are simple ..

    3. 45 min Testing concept test: 20 objective multiple choice qustions like binary

    form of numbers, virtual memory, lossy compression, while loop, if-then-else,

    error codes.

    ba. lossy compression
    b. lossless Compression
    d image

    2. output of 11000100 minus 2

    3. Memory leakage is because of
    a. variable not decraled
    b. variable not free.. like this 4 options were given

    4. Virtual memory concept is related to
    a. memory leagkage {mospagebreak}

    5.Regretion testing is defined as
    a. testing the whole application

    b.testing the different modules in the application

    6. If the time is very limited for the testing then what would u test in the

    a. run all the tests
    b.look for the most used featues in the application
    c.go to the test plan and run the test based on the priority

    I would suggest to go thru all the definition like what is regretion testing .what

    is unit smoke.etc.

    1 Test Case Writing questions: 10 test cases for entering 3 values representing

    sides of a triangle and the program giving output as scalene, isosceles or

    eqilauteral (10 Marks)

    1 Output of a calculator and finding the error in the output, write the defect log

    for the bug (5 Marks)

    1 Ques on weather Dev should do the testing or not. Give 3 reason on favour and 2

    against it. (5 Marks)

    1 Question diff between priority of a bug and severity of a bug. Give example of

    one case where priority is high but severity is low and one case where severity is

    high bur priority is low.

    1 Question on a program that calculates P=R/I where R, I are integer inputs and P

    a floating point output. Write 10 test cases for this - 5 Marks.


    1. Software test: One hour Software test. You will be placed on a system with an

    application opened that is containing bugs in it. A reference doc will be provided

    where u will find the description of six modules of the application. U have to

    find maximum number of bugs in those six modules given in the reference doc in one

    hour. Each module contains at least one bug. You will have to keep writing the bug

    in a paper provided to u as u keep finding it with the time when you found it.

    2. 5 rounds of Interviews each of approximately 1 hour.

    1st will be by a Senior Team member level guy, focusing on everything from simple

    codes to find errors in them, writing simple algos, giving very simple puzzles,

    test cases for a marker, ur projects, about urself, etc. The guy will keep giving

    hints and help u to solve the problem.

    2nd will be by a Manager level guy, based on ur technical skills, puzzles to be

    solved on the whiteboard in front of him, algo to reverse a string using array,

    questions on ur projects, test cases of a duster, the projects u have mentioned in

    your CV. More of a question-answer based approach, not very interactive.

    3rd will be by a senior HR on why Adobe, what keeps u going, where r u placed in

    ur organization, all HR questions and about ur projects and Organizational levels.

    4th will be by a Senior Team member level guy, focusing only on puzzles, lots of

    puzzles and scenario based test cases, like how to test an imaging application

    that removes the red eye affect from an image, test cases of an VOIP phone. The

    guy will keep giving hints and help u to solve the problem.

    5th will be by a Senior Team member level guy, focusing on problem solving

    approach, scenario based error investigation, like an attachment is not opening in

    outlook on a particular system, what all can be the reasons. The guy will sort of

    discuss with you the problem and will try to find out the solution at the same time

    assessing ur problem solving skill. Then he will play a logical game, then some

    general questions, test cases for a radio, something about Adobe etc.
  2. Adobe Written Round has 4 sections : 2 aptitude and 2 engineering section aptitude and reasoning section was not difficult it was easy questions. Engineering section was very difficult to crack

    The two engineering sections consisted of questions of Data Structures, Algorithms and C outputs.

    Some questions that were in the engineering section were

    1)Given some numbers like 20,10,5,7,30. Make AVL tree and BST of this. The example involved rotations also.

    2)Lowest common ancestor of a BST

    3)Reversing a single linked list and double linked list.

    4)C output


    void crazy(int a,int b, int m, int n)





    printf("%d %d %d %dn",a,b,m,n);



    int main()





    5)C outputs on pointer like

    a) int arr[10][20][30] ,base address of a was given , then value of *(*arr+1)+2

    b) extern int *a; //File 1

    int a[10] //File 2

    What happens when both files are compiled

    6) GCD of two numbers. They wanted Euclied Algorithm

    7) Maximum of three numbers using ternary operator

    8) A C output on expansion of Macro. That expansion was to be done very carefully ,otherwise you may get wrong answer

    9)Middle of linked list in one traversal

    10) evaluation of a prefix expression

    11)Question based on hashing. A hash function was given and some numbers were given we have to hash those numbers according to hash function.

    12)Assembly language output

    13)Pointers to functions

    Adobe Technical Round 1

    The first round started with c++ outputs. In Adobe they ask a lot of c++ outputs in interview. The outputs were

    1)int fun(int &x) and we call this function with

    a)fun(a) a was int

    b)fun(a) a was long long int

    c)fun(a) a was char

    In which cases we will get error ?

    2) Calling a destructor by object of class . Suppose you have some class X. You create object of that class X a; then call a.~X(); how many times destructor will be called .

    3) C++ outputs on virtual functions (About 3 to 5 were asked). Those questions involved virtual pointer table, virtual destructors , size of class in case of virtual functions etc.

    4) After that interviewer started asking Java outputs. “super.super.super” is allowed in java or not . Then he asked me about interfaces and abstract class.

    5) Then some general questions. What is a cross compiler? What is Unicode ? Why it was needed? UTF-8, UTF-16 , ASCII ? Difference between them.

    6) Loop in a linked list. He asked me whether I have done this question or not. I replied yes. So he asked me to make a working code of the question.

    7) Full booting procedure

    8) Questions on virtual memory. Why it was needed?

    9) Longest common substring between two strings. Two solutions by dynamic programming and by trie were given by me.

    10) Then some outputs on C pointers. That involved function pointers, and single and double pointer.

    11) Some general questions again. Why I want to join Adobe? Whether I will pursue higher studies while working in Adobe?

    Adobe Technical Round 2

    1) Merge two sorted linked list without using extra memory.

    2) There are m machines. each machine generates coins of 10 g.only one machine is defective which generates coins of 9 to find that defective machine in one weighing only. Now there are two defective machines. how do you find them in one weighing. The problem was finally converted to k defective machines,

    3) Producer Consumer semaphore code using semwait and semsignal

    4) Questions on OS about semaphore and deadlock.

    5) Allocate two dimensional matrix using new.

    Adobe Technical Round 3

    1)Write a c program to select a contiguous subarray of size m from an array such that its sum is closest to zero.

    2)Second largest element in a given array

    3) Implement queue using two stacks

    4) You are given two hour glasses(those glasses are filled with sand). One hour glass gets emptied by 4 minutes another by 7 minutes. Find how will you calculate 9 minutes. Same puzzle was asked to me in GoldMan Sach. All the companies they repeat even the puzzles also :p

    5) A question on dynamic programming.

    6)Size of structure. Small c outputs on union , enums etc.

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