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    ACCENTURE Placement Paper on 15th March

    There are 4 rounds through which u have to go through

    1> APTITUDE.

    Basically there were 3 sections

    1. analytical ability. under this section we had 5-6 problems based on venn diagram, then 1 question based on relationship, then 1 q based on " there are 50 people. If I stand 17th from front. then what will be my number from back". a little difficult type on it. also we had some problems on data sufficiency in this type. some problems were based on directions.

    quite easy section .we had to fill in the blanks using articles. then 2 passages and all. was quite easy and scoring

    3. i Don't remember the section name. but the problems were like if $=1 and *=0 then what will be thew represent ion of following. Find which of the three quantities are alike. eg 122256664,122256644, 122256664. so quite easy. the other questions were based on * stands for +,/ stands for-, = stands for*, - stands for /..then find the value of foll exp 5/6*2+2-4.. these questions were most diff part for me. as they were time consuming and u need little practice for them. so practice such prob.also there was an essay to be written. my topic was" MY FIRST DAY AT COLLEGE". TIME LIMIT WAS 5 MIN AND ESSAY SHOULD BE OF 100 WORDS.

    HR interview Tips.

    Read about the company's profile nicely. it is very important.
    she asked me questions like 1. tell me about yourself and your family background. 2.what do u do in free time. 3. other than music what do u do? do u read any technical magazines.4. what did u decide to come into software field. who inspired u? who is ur role model. 5 your marriage imp is teamwork for u?. 7 have u ever managed any event in college. 8. who is important for u supervisor or councilor. 9. what do u think how will be ur first day in accenture. 10. are u ready to relocate.11. have u helped anyone grow.

    Technical interview
    only 1 question was asked. write a program for sequential linked list and insert a node into a already sorted linked list. the program was really difficult for me as i had not prepared. but then i wrote some part of program and as i knew the complete logic of program i explained him the logic.

    ACCENTURE Placement Paper ON 16th MARCH - 2007

    Cracking aptitude test of accenture is quite easy. But remember nearly 3/4 th of students of the total appearing fail to crack this round? Preparation for apptitude test is always needed.

    Guidelines- Refer to previous accenture papers. Pattern of questions remains more or less same only.

    Some type of questions-->> Venn diagram,
    Fill correct word,
    >> similar word for the word in italics,
    if 1 stands for $, and 0 stands for * then what answer would suit the equation.
    >> Questions on 2 passages
    >> Date & day problems
    >> Data sufficiency type problems
    Race problem
    References for above--> Quantitative apptitude(R S AGRAWAL) SHAKUNTALA DEVI.

    Guys who r not comfortable in speaking ENGLISH clearly, possibly dont clear this round?
    >> Topic given to my group was Sharukh v/s Amitabh in KBC.
    >> Try to speak clearly and to the point.
    >> Try to be the leader.
    >> Give examples to support what u speak that creates the best impression.
    >> If you dont speak then or if your voice tone is not loud and clear and if you are seen nervous then you are gone.
    >> The best way to clear this round is to take initiative if possible and try to conclude on behalf of you group members.

    ( HR ROUND )
    INTERVIEW Questions asked to me were-->
    >> Describe yourself?
    >> What r ur strengths?
    >> What do you know about accenture?
    >> Why accenture?
    >> What projects does accenture works on?
    >> Which are the top 3 IT firms in INDIA?
    >> Tell me about the projects done by u?
    >> Besides projects have u done any assignments what role u played there?
    >> What are your future plans?
    >> R u ready to relocate?
    >> Which place u would prefer if choosen?
    >> R u married?
    >> Possibly at what age will u marry?
    >> What does ur parents do?
    >> Do you have any education gap?
    >> R u sure that the information u provided us is true?
    >> Any questions?

    'Toughest round' and a 'thick elimination round' If u are a COMPUTER or IT guy then be prepared for some tough questions and be ready to write any algorithm or program which they ask u.

    >> I was possibly the 10th guy for appearing the technical interview and all the previous guys were eliminated but i was prepared for tech round so confidently i cleared it.
    >> They assured me that since i was a COMPUTER guy the tech would be tough as they Expected more from a COMPUTER guy.
    >> I was asked to write sorting algorithm.Confidently i wrote it taking a example and explaining it. I constructed the algorithm step by step telling him the logic as to why i was doing each step and why did i not planned another solution.
    > Questions generally began from interviewer's side and he began to go deep as he was to explore all what i had studied. Since my basics were clear i didnt faced much problem.
    >> It took some 15 minutes for this round and since he had put me all the possible questions on sorting no more questions were asked. >> But for those who were not comfortable in answerinq the first question were put many questions then and he saw upto what level ur concepts were clear and how much knowledge u have.
    >> B prepared for this round as ratio of selection to rejection for this round can be guessed by me possibly as 1:10.

    >> Confidence is tested at all the levels.
    > If u dont have the confidence then ur chances of selection are slim.
    >> Refer to all accenture papers.
    >> B prepared for apptitude first then only think of facing the other rounds.
    >> B prepared for technical since ur place in accenture depends on this final round.
    >> Pray to GOD then everything will work smoothly.

    Accenture Placement Paper ON 20th March 2007 at DELHI

    THERE WERE 4 ROUNDS as usual for Accenture Paper

    2) G.D


    Paper consist of three parts—

    1.analytical ability
    2.aptitude & LR
    3.verbal ability

    Section 1 consist of 20 question ----those were quite easy

    * Simple percentage question
    * venn diagram question are a lot but easy
    * age and blood relation
    * time ,distance,work

    Section 2 consist of 15 question

    puzzle on arrangement on 1 refrigerator,2 TV,3 AC,4 Microprocessors
    a)2 tv together
    b)ac at 1st and 10th place
    c)no tv next to micro
    d)no refrigerator and AC next to each other

    Simple matching questions---5 question

    aaabbbccc,aaabbbccc,aaabbbbcc --which are same

    5 data sufficiency question

    Section 3 ---verbal was easy consist of 20 question

    5 fill up wid articles a,an,the

    2 passages

    a) 1 on sql
    b) other on dbms
    both were easy

    3 word meanings

    Blurt - (it means Utter impulsively i.e very fast )
    compliant - (willing to follow)
    exemption - (freedom from doing something)

    Total 55 questions …time given was 60 minutes

    5 min extra 4 essay on why accenture is my dream company???


    1}Bpo’s affecting youth
    2)men’s day or women’s day
    3)world cup—india or Australia

    out 0f 130 only 60 were selected ---4 out of each group of 12

    H.R ROUND—rest elimination is done here only

    Will ask u general question???

    about urself??

    why accenture?

    why should I hire u???

    who is ur role model???

    where u see urself after 5 yrs???
    n strength n weakness

    Be confident n cool –u will be selected But out of 60 only 45 were selested(approx)

    Next was TECHNICAL round

    DBMS,sql and c++ concepts are Important for Accenture

    Do prepare well for your project

    Latest ACCENTURE paper at Vishvakarma Government Engg College on 20th May, 2007

    In the written test, there were 55 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. It was asked to write an essay on “Expectation from your organization”. Other questions were based on synonyms, comprehension, blood relation, probability etc.

    Next was group discussion round. Topic was given as “Should there be a dress code?”. Two of the group members were eliminated because of late coming. Focus was on communication skill and confidence level.

    Latest ACCENTURE paper at S.G.S.I.T.S. Indore on 5th June, 2007

    The recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds, of which first 2 rounds – written test and GD were elimination rounds. Written test mainly comprised of questions of verbal and quantitative type.

    In the technical interview, candidate was asked about his favorite subject and subsequent questions were based on that. Questions were related to computer network topics like layers, protocols etc. Later, candidate was asked to write a java program illustrating linked list and another program in assembly language for sorting.

    In the fourth and last stage, HR was conducted. The various question were related to personal detail, team work, work culture, college life achievement, role of team leader in case of dispute among team members etc.

    Latest ACCENTURE paper at National Engg College, Kovilpatti (Tamilnadu) on 10th June, 2007

    The selection procedure consisted of 3 steps – Written test, Technical interview and HR interview. Written test was easy. In the first section, questions were on English subject. It had 3 questions on articles, 4 questions on prepositions, 3 questions on synonyms, and 10 questions on comprehension.

    In second section, questions were based on reasoning. The topic of questions was time & distance, time & work, blood relation, age etc.

    In the third section, some questions were based on Venn diagram.

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