Invitation Cards 2015-04-22

Modern Wedding Invitations, Wedding Ceremony Cards

  1. Deepika Olive
    In many places, wedding cards serve more than just being an invitation card. The bride and groom have to live up to the expectation of an awesome wedding and equally attention grabbing Indian Wedding Invitation Cards.

    Why so much focus on the wedding card?

    There is this tendency to assess the grandeur of a wedding just by looking at the wedding card. This is true for any culture, not just here in our nation but also in the west where guests make a first impression of how big the wedding is going to be just by looking at the wedding card.

    What goes on the front page makes the first impression?

    If you have been in an Indian wedding you would know that the ceremonies start with the worship of Indian God of welfare Ganesha and that is why his image is put on the front of many wedding cards.

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